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Tagged: Frosh dinks

In celebration of Aggie Traditions Day today, Gerome has decided to highlight one of the past Aggie traditions, the frosh dink. The frosh dink tradition, which featured members of the freshman class wearing caps known as dinks, dates back to at least 1923. According to the California Aggie Freshman
April 8, 2015 • Sara Gunasekara
Students are back and classes have started! Summer is behind us and the student population has exploded as the hustle and bustle of the academic year takes over once more. Freshman welcome to UC Davis and returning students welcome back. Keep an eye out for new bikers as
September 27, 2012 • Jenny Hodge
Next up in the UC Davis Traditions series: the Tank Rush and the Frosh-Soph Brawl. Class rivalry dates back to at least 1913 when a class “fight” took place at the swimming tank on October 3. In subsequent years, a tank rush was formalized and the freshmen and upperclassmen battled
September 27, 2011 • Sara Gunasekara
How was your first week at UCD?  If you’re like this new freshman you are probably being introduced to many new and fun Aggie traditions (see earlier post on freshman dinks).  What we know about this photograph from the University Archives is that it was taken during orientation week in
September 23, 2011 • Jenny Hodge
Our next installment in the UC Davis Traditions series features the frosh dinks. Members of the freshman class, as a sign of unity, wore caps known as dinks. The dinks, which were blue with a gold button and had “Cal Aggie” lettered in gold across the front, were worn by
September 19, 2011 • Sara Gunasekara