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Tagged: Health sciences

This guide is designed to help students in Dr. Elyse Lord’s Writing in the Health Professions course to identify research for their final projects and papers. Please contact your friendly librarian if you have questions: ...
May 11, 2017 • Amy Studer
Welcome to the UC Davis Library guide to environmental toxicology.   Environmental toxicology is the study of toxic properties of chemicals (natural and man made) and their effects on humans and other species and their movement and fate in the environment.  This guide provides links to key information resources and a ...
March 17, 2017 • Alesia McManus
This guide provides an overview of evidence-based practice resources. Includes: point of care resources, systematic reviews, clinical practice guidelines, literature databases, and background sources. VPN log-in is required for off-campus or guest wifi access to these resources, except where noted [Free]. ...
March 15, 2017 • Amy Studer