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Tagged: Look familiar???

The photograph below is from the University Archives Photographs Collection, AR-013. It features student working in the Sculpture Lab sometime in the 1960’s. Do any of these students look familiar to you? How about the projects they are working on? Do you have any of your own memories/experiences to share ...
March 15, 2013 • Jenny Hodge
The only information we have on this undated photograph from the University Archives is the label “Arboretum”. Who are these two men? What are they looking at? Where in the Arboretum are they? Are they discussing expansion plans for the Arboretum? The Arboretum has grown and changed throughout the years ...
March 8, 2013 • Jenny Hodge
Today’s image from the University Archives Photographs Collection is of a beer distillery. This undated photograph is from the Food Science and Technology Department. Can you hazard a guess as to the year based on the equipment being used? Can you tell where on campus this beer distillery is or ...
February 14, 2013 • Jenny Hodge
This photograph of an unidentified musical group is from the University Archives Photographs and can be found on the Online Archive of California along with many others. In the photograph there are approx. 35 co-eds practicing. Do you recognize the conductor? Could this be the Glee Club or ...
January 11, 2013 • Jenny Hodge
Today’s photograph from the University Archives features a…UFO? What exactly is this contraption? Who is that on the inside and what is he doing? Where and when was the photograph taken? What department worked on projects such as this? Please submit any information or commentary you may have about this ...
October 19, 2012 • Jenny Hodge
Tonight is the 100th Pajamarino and though it’s changed from a late night pajama clad greeting of alumni at the train station followed by a bonfire and rally, the Student Alumni Association keeps the spirit alive. The Student Alumni Association hosts an evening of free entertainment, games, face painting, ...
October 5, 2012 • Jenny Hodge