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Tagged: Manuscript collections

30/50 With the recent rains, the opening of the Sacramento Weir, and the flooded Yolo Bypass, we thought that it was fitting to feature the Holland Land Company Records this week. The following information is drawn from the collection finding aid.  Be sure to check out ...
February 9, 2017 • Sara Gunasekara
24/50 The  Sacramento Union was a daily newspaper founded in 1851 in Sacramento, California. It was the oldest daily newspaper west of the Mississippi River before it closed its doors after 143 years in January 1994. For further information about the history of the paper, see: ...
December 16, 2016 • Kevin Miller
22/50 The famed author Samuel Clemens (1835-1910) better known by his nom de plume Mark Twain was born in Missouri on November 30th so it seems fitting to celebrate one of our “50 features of Special Collections” on the Mark Twain bust owned by the library. The ...
November 29, 2016 • Kevin Miller
You’ve probably heard Johnny Cash’s famous song, “Folsom Prison Blues,” and may know that Cash performed his live album, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, at the prison in January 1968. But did you know that his first concert at Folsom Prison was 50 years ago today? On November 8, 1966 ...
November 8, 2016 • Sara Gunasekara
18/50 This week we are highlighting the Toby Cole Archives as part of our 50 Features of Special Collections series. Toby Cole was born Marion Cholodenko on January 27, 1916 in Newark, New Jersey. She developed an interest in theatre at an early age, ...
November 3, 2016 • Sara Gunasekara
16/50 This week we are highlighting the Ruth Finney Papers as part of our 50 Features of Special Collections series. Ruth Finney (1898-1979) grew up in Downieville and Sacramento, California and attended San Jose Normal School where she received a teaching certificate in 1918. After ...
October 21, 2016 • Sara Gunasekara