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Tagged: Map collection

Theme for the week: National Forests in California Date: Aug 20-Sept 7, 2018 The U.S. Forest Service started in 1876 when the Congress created an office within the Department of Agriculture to be in charge of the forests in the United States.  It wasn’t until 1901 that this ...
August 20, 2018 • Louis Cashatt
Theme for the week: Archipelago July 9-27, 2018 Ever want to get away from all the stress of city life?  We’ve gone through our map collection and listed some of the best island chains to escape to.  We’ve got you covered if you want to relax on the beach ...
July 9, 2018 • Louis Cashatt
Theme for the week: Mappae Mundi and Map Design June 18 – July 6, 2018 What makes a good map? If we consider road maps, we would answer with geographic accuracy. Since the purpose of a road map is to be used for navigation, we want it to ...
June 18, 2018 • Jeanelle Wan
  Theme for the week: Sacramento May 29-June 14, 2018 The Capitol of California is just 15 miles away from Davis! Sacramento, the fastest growing populated city in CA, has plenty of features to offer. From museums to historic parks, and outstanding restaurants, Sacramento life provides amusement, experiences, and ...
May 29, 2018 • Patricia Wyley
Theme for the week: Amgen Tour of California  May 14-25, 2018 Get your legs ready for the 13th Amgen Tour of California!  The eight-day bicycle race is 654 miles long and covers over 3 miles of elevation gain.  There are 17 men’s teams and 15 women’s teams ...
May 11, 2018 • Louis Cashatt
Theme for the week: Changing National Borders April 23-May 11, 2018 History is always changing, never remaining stagnant. New discoveries and perspectives change not only the way we perceive the world, but also ourselves. Among the many factors that form our identities, nationality has become one of the ...
April 23, 2018 • Jeanelle Wan