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Tagged: Map collection

Theme for the week: North is Not Up January 22-26, 2018 Ever wondered what the world looks like upside down? Come see our awesome maps that depicts North in all directions, besides up. Our collection includes maps of the old world, when they believed not only that earth was ...
January 22, 2018 • Dawn Collings
Theme for the week: San Joaquin Valley January 16-19, 2018 San Joaquin Valley, southern part of the Central Valley, is a place where greatness grows. Mostly surrounded by agricultural land, the valley is fruitful with farms and adorable towns. The valley of eight counties stretches from the Tehachapi ...
January 16, 2018 • Dawn Collings
Theme for the week: Climate January 8- 12, 2018 Climate measures the patterns of variation in wind, temperature, humidity, cloud cover, atmospheric pressure, and more. Climate is the average weather of a region over a long-term, normally around 30 years. Relied heavily on scientific research on climate change, it is ...
January 8, 2018 • Dawn Collings
Theme for the week: North Pole and Santa December 18, 2017- January 5, 2018 Santa is coming to town!  Did you know that the first celebration of Christmas was in Rome, 313 A.D? Or that Santa Claus has many names like, St. Nicholas, Pan, The Wise Men, and ...
December 18, 2017 • Dawn Collings
Theme for the week: Winter Recreation December 11-15, 2017 Start this winter break with an open mind sprinkled with some fun! Don’t let the cold deter you from enjoying the wonders of the outdoors. Come on over to the Shields Library Map Collection room and check out the ...
December 11, 2017 • Dawn Collings
Theme for the week: National Parks Worldwide December 6-8, 2017 National Parks provide protection for both land and ingenious animals, in hopes to preserve its natural habitat, as well as creating a space for people to explore, learn, and admire the allure that National Parks have to offer. Come ...
December 6, 2017 • Dawn Collings