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Tagged: Mr. spud

As October ends so does National Archives Month and to commemorate both the month and Halloween Mr. Spud is dressed as an archivist! Please note the use of white gloves, no. 2 pencil and acid free folders. No archivist is complete without his supplies and Hollinger Metal Edge ...
October 31, 2013 • Jenny Hodge
Hope you plan on kicking off your Homecoming weekend by enjoying Pajamarino tonight. Get your pajamas on and get ready to party along with alumni and friends. Our Mr. Spud is dressed and ready to go! You can find more information on the festivities here. ...
October 11, 2013 • Jenny Hodge
UC Davis is known for it’s friendly atmosphere and as such Special Collections would like to extend a “Spirited Hello” to all our new and returning students. You can see from the below image that saying “Hello” is a tradition that campus members actively promoted. Later this became ...
September 26, 2013 • Jenny Hodge
Ahoy landlubbers, today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Now is the time to throw some pirate talk into yer everyday conversations.  It can be as simple as “Arrrr ye serious” or rather complex such as the language used in the below passage from Charles Selby’s The ...
September 19, 2013 • Jenny Hodge
This Steamed Potato wants to wish you all a Happy Halloween and be sure to check out the Steampunk exhibit in the lobby of Shields Library! ...
October 31, 2012 • Jenny Hodge