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Tagged: Noling collection

Gerome is brewing up interest in beer! This weekend marks the end of Davis Beer Week, where the city celebrates and encourages our regions craft beer culture. In honor of this spirit Gerome is highlighting a book from the A.W. Noling ...
August 14, 2015 • Jenny Hodge
In celebration of National Martini Day today, Gerome presents recipes for the original Martini Cocktail, a Medium Martini, and a Sweet Martini, from Cocktails, How to Mix Them,  by Robert of the Embassy Club. This book, from the A.W. Noling Hurty-Peck Collection of Beverage Literature, was recently digitized through ...
June 19, 2015 • Sara Gunasekara
In celebration of National Iced Tea Day today, Gerome has decided to highlight the work, Iced Tea: a Nation-wide Study of American Beverage Habits in the Summertime, from the A.W. Noling Hurty-Peck Collection of Beverage Literature. Produced and distributed by the Tea Bureau in 1948, this report is an ...
June 10, 2015 • Sara Gunasekara
Did you know that we hold a collection of more than 5,000 books and pamphlets related to beverage making and bottling? Well, Gerome the gnome has chosen to tell you about the collection for this week’s highlight. The A.W. Noling Hurty-Peck Collection was received as a donation from the family ...
January 21, 2015 • Sara Gunasekara