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Tagged: Pajamarino

In celebration of the annual Pajamarino tradition which occurs tonight, here’s a flashback to how the event looked 100 years ago in 1916. The University Farm Agricola provided the following account of the October 13, 1916 rally: “As for the rally program itself, it was entertaining, pleasing and hilariously ...
October 14, 2016 • Sara Gunasekara
Hope you plan on kicking off your Homecoming weekend by enjoying Pajamarino tonight. Get your pajamas on and get ready to party along with alumni and friends. Our Mr. Spud is dressed and ready to go! You can find more information on the festivities here. ...
October 11, 2013 • Jenny Hodge
Tonight is the 100th Pajamarino and though it’s changed from a late night pajama clad greeting of alumni at the train station followed by a bonfire and rally, the Student Alumni Association keeps the spirit alive. The Student Alumni Association hosts an evening of free entertainment, games, face painting, ...
October 5, 2012 • Jenny Hodge
Tonight the 99th annual Pajamarino will take place beginning at the Davis Amtrak Train Station and continuing on into the evening with entertainment, games, face painting, food and prizes.  Below is an undated photograph from the University Archives of a past Pajamarino.  The students are awaiting the arrival of ...
October 13, 2011 • Jenny Hodge
Our latest feature in the UC Davis Traditions series highlights Pajamarino. The present day Pajamarino traces its roots back to 1912 when according to the 1913 El Rodeo Yearbook: “A big pajama rally was held for the basketball team on December 6, 1912. A large bonfire, quartets, and violin solos ...
October 12, 2011 • Sara Gunasekara
Who are these students and what are they doing?  Well we know the answer to the latter half of that question.  This photograph from the University Archives shows students taking part in the Pajamarino rally during Homecoming, circa 1950-1959.  Students wore pajamas and other adornments on their way to the ...
October 7, 2011 • Jenny Hodge