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Welcome to the UC Davis Library guide to environmental toxicology.   Environmental toxicology is the study of toxic properties of chemicals (natural and man made) and their effects on humans…

March 17, 2017 • Alesia McManus

Springer Protocols contains more than 34,000 (as of September 2014) molecular biology and biomedical peer-reviewed protocols, mostly from the classic series Methods in Molecular Biology, formerly published by Humana Press.


Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology Online presents the fundamentals of psychopharmacology and includes the ability to search within Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology and the Essential Psychopharmacology Prescriber’s Guide plus a Prescriber’s Guide, illustrations…


Covers over 20,000 updated, peer-reviewed protocols. UC CDL/UCD Library subscribes to THIRTEEN major laboratory methods and protocols series including the classic comprehensive work “Current Protocols in Molecular Biology” with other…