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Join us as we discuss opportunities in the tea industry with recent UC Davis graduate, Matt Maekawa, and CEO of QTrade Teas, Manjiv Jayakumar.  This is our fifth podcast built around the Global Tea Initiative at UC Davis.  Prepare some tea and take a listen while perusing
September 14, 2020 • Erik Davis Fausak
In conjunction with the 5th Global Tea Initiative Colloquium occurring this week, January 16th and 17th, the UC Davis Library has two simultaneous exhibits on wine and tea at Shields and Carlson Health Sciences Libraries from January 6th to February 28th, 2020.  We also have an
January 16, 2020 • Erik Davis Fausak
Two exhibits are on display at Shields and Carlson Health Sciences Libraries in conjunction with the 5th Annual Colloquium of the Global Tea Initiative for the Study of Tea Culture and Science. Shields Library Drink Your Tea (or Wine) curated by Daniel Goldstein (dgoldstein@ucdavis.edu) and Leyla
It’s no secret that folks working in the health science fields have stressful lives due to multiple factors like workload and compassion fatigue. It may be less known that veterinarians have up to four times the suicide rate of the general population which is often attributed to poor work-life balance
May 10, 2019 • Erik Davis Fausak