Veterinary medicine

Tutorial that introduces the concepts of Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine (EBVM), followed by explanations of the five main principles of the methodology, providing a foundation from which to apply EBVM to veterinary work. Managed by RCVS Knowledge.

Database of citations of systematic reviews relevant to veterinary medicine, produced by the Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine at the University of Nottingham.

Coverage: 1992 -
Tags: Systematic Reviews, Veterinary Medicine

Database of current and past veterinary clinical trials conducted to investigate novel therapies or collect information about diseases in order to provide scientific evidence to guide clinical animal care. Search by keyword, species, diagnosis, field of medicine, or location to find trials relevant to your interests or an animal patient.

Coverage: 2016 - date
Tags: Clinical Trials, Veterinary Medicine

MVM online, created and updated periodically by Merck, provides information on the health problems affecting animals, addressing the range of diseases, disorders, management issues, and other concerns faced by animal health professionals. In addition to text, figures, images, and multimedia content, it includes news, case studies and quiz sections as well as clinical calculators and topics for pet owners (Pet Health tab).


A set of open-source teaching modules on antimicrobial resistance in veterinary medicine. Contributors include Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A virtual module on bovine necropsy, this is a free resource designed for vet students & vets. Registration is required.