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This week’s installment in our Finding Aid Friday series is a bit different from the collections that we’ve featured previously. This finding aid isn’t for a physical collection but rather for an entirely digital web archive. The UC Davis Web Archives, created using the California Digital Library’s
November 22, 2013 • Sara Gunasekara
We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched public access to the UC Davis Web Archives. This project, created using the California Digital Library’s Web Archiving Service (WAS), preserves websites in the entire “ucdavis.edu” domain to document the history of the University’s activities and accomplishments. Special Collections, as the
May 24, 2013 • Sara Gunasekara
Special Collections holds the University Archives and it is our role to preserve the University of California, Davis’ history by maintaining a record of UC Davis publications. Traditionally this has meant print publications but the web has become the primary mode of communication and publication for campus events and issues.
February 13, 2012 • Sara Gunasekara