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Tagged: Wine

UC Davis Library now subscribes to two new print magazines related to wine and food: Pipette and Noble Rot. Noble Rot is an alternative magazine predominantly about wine, with a smattering of articles and reviews on wine and food. The quarterly, which is based in London, was founded by Mark ...
February 19, 2019 • Jullianne Ballou
October 30 marks the 105th birthday of our favorite wine label collector, Maynard Amerine, which got us thinking about what Amerine might have picked to toast himself on this special day. Luckily, he left us some clues in the form of the annotations on his label collection. ...
October 27, 2016 • Axel Borg
“Drink wine, not labels,” declared Maynard Amerine, but you might be asking yourself just who was Maynard Amerine to make such a bold declaration. I first met him when he came to the Natural Resources Library on the UC Berkeley campus. I was newly graduated from library school ...
July 5, 2016 • Axel Borg
Drink Wine, Not Labels – Dr. Maynard Amerine Despite admonishments about books and covers, for most of us, looks do indeed count. Which is why odds are that you’ve chosen the wine you’re drinking tonight based on its label. In fact, according to a recent ...
July 3, 2016 • Axel Borg
Perusing the wine labels, you might notice The Bohemian Club popping up as a place where many bottles seemed to have been consumed. (And what an astute transcriber you are.) But unless your last name ranks in a list with the likes of Bush, Eastwood or Hearst, there’s ...
July 1, 2016