Abstract Screening Tools

Brown School of Public Health’s Abstrakr — Helps upload and organize literature for systematic reviews and assists with screening and organizing citations.

Automated PDF Retrieval Tools/Methods

See our guide on Automating the PDF Retrieval Process.

Data Extraction

AHRQ’s Systematic Review Data Repository (also see SRDR Plus above)— Tool for the extraction and management of data for systematic review or meta-analysis. It is also an open and searchable archive of systematic reviews and their data.

Brown School of Public Health’s SRDR Plus — The Systematic Review Data Repository: Plus (SRDR Plus) is a tool for extracting, managing, and archiving data.

Citation Organization

Rayyan — Helps organize and track citations in a systematic review.

Other Systematic Review Project Management Tools

DistillerSR — Systematic review project management tool [fee-based product].

RevMan — used for Cochrane Collaboration systematic reviews. Allows you to prepare text, build tables showing the characteristics of studies and comparisons in the review, and add study data.