Elsevier Journals Without Permanent Access to Back Issues

For most of the Elsevier journals to which the UC subscribed, articles published in 2018 or earlier will remain available through Elsevier’s online platform, ScienceDirect, because the UC’s previous contracts granted permanent access.

Below is the list of journals (and years) for which we do NOT have permanent access to back issues.

For advice on how to access articles from the journal issues listed below, see our Other Ways to Access Elsevier Articles or submit a request and we will get a copy to you.

Please note: For some of these journals, UC Davis retains access to certain years online through other tools, or we have print copies in our collection. We have listed these options below, where available.

TitlesVolumes (Years) AffectedLevel of Access Remaining
Accounting forumv.28(2004)-none
Acta ecologica Sinicav.26(2006)-none
Acta genetica Sinicav.33:no.1(2006:Jan.)-v.33:no.12(2006:Dec.).none
Acta histochemica :Zeitschrift für histologische Topochemiev.102(2000)-none
Acta mechanica solida Sinica :the official journal of the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanicsv.19(2006)-none
Acta otorrinolaringologica españolav.58(2007)-none
Actas dermo-sifiliográficasv.98(2007)-none
Actas urologicas españolasv.34(2010)-none
Actualités pharmaceutiquesv.47:no 470(2008)-none
Actualités pharmaceutiques hospitalièresv.1(2005)-v.8:no.29(2012:Feb.).none
Acute pain :international journal of acute pain managementv.1(1997)-v.11(2009).none
Additive manufacturingv.1(2014)-none
Advances in accountingv.17(2000)-partial print:
v.1-21(1984-2005) in print [at Shields Library HF5601 .A4]
Advances in anesthesiav.23(2005)-none
Advances in integrative medicinev.1(2014)-none
Advances in international accountingv.14(2001)-v.20(2007).partial print:
v.1-17(1987-2004) in print [at Shields Library HF5601 .A38]
Advances in life course researchv.5(2000)-none
Advances in medical sciencesv.55(2010)-partial online:
01/01/2007 to 12/01/2013 in Academic Search Complete
Advances in ophthalmology and optometryv.1(2016)-none
Advances in small animal medicine and surgeryv.17(2004)-print:
v.3(1990)- in print [at Carlson Health Sciences Library W1 AD860]
Aeolian researchv.1(2009)-none
Agricultural sciences in China /sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciencesv.5(2006)-v.10(2011).print:
2001:no.1;v.1-10(2002-2011 in print [at Shields Library S19 .Z466]
Algal researchv.1(2012)-none
Alterv.1(2007)-partial online:
2007-Jan 2017 open on ScienceDirect
Anaesthesia and intensive care medicinev.4(2003)-none
Anaesthesia, critical care & pain medicinev.34(2015)-none
Analytic Methods in Accident Researchv.1(2007)-none
Annales d'endocrinologiev.65(2004)-none
Annales des ponts et chausséesNouv. ser., no 101(2002)-nouv. ser., no 107(2003).none
Annals of anatomy =Anatomischer Anzeiger : official organ of the Anatomische Gesellschaftv.181(1999)-none
Applied materials todayv.1(2015)-none
Applied soft computingv.1(2001)-none
Arab journal of gastroenterology :the official publication of the Pan-Arab Association of Gastroenterologyv.10(2009)-none
Archaeological research in Asiav.1/2(2015)-none
Archiv für Protistenkundev.(1995)-v.(1997).none
Archives of civil and mechanical engineering /Polish Academy of Sciences-Wrocław Branch, Wrocław University of Technologyv.6(2006)-partial online:
04/01/2005 to 10/01/2011 at Academic Search Complete
Archivos de bronconeumologíav.40(2004)-partial online:
July 2003 - July 2018 at publisher site
Archivos de la Sociedad Española de Oftalmologíav.85(2010)-none
Artery research :the official journal of ARTERYv.1(2006)-none
Asia-Australia marketing journalv.(1995)-v.5(1997).none
The Asian journal of oral and maxillofacial surgeryv.22(2010)-v.23(2011).none
Asian journal of psychiatryv.1(2008)-none
Astronomy and computingv.1(2013)-none
Atmospheric pollution researchv.1(2010)-none
Australasian Emergency Carev.21(2018)online:
2018- in ClinicalKey for Nursing
Australasian emergency nursing journal :AENJv.8(2005)-v.20(2017).partial online:
2007- in ClinicalKey for Nursing
Australasian marketing journal :AMJv.6(1998)-none
Australian critical care :official journal of the Confederation of Australian Critical Care Nursesv.8(1995)-partial online:
2007- in ClinicalKey for Nursing
Australian emergency nursing journalv.1(1996)-v.7(2004).none
Australian journal of midwifery :professional journal of the Australian College of Midwives Incorporatedv.14(2001)-v.15(2002).none
Baillière's clinical obstetrics and gynaecologyv.9(1995)-v.12(1998).print:
v.1-12(1987-1998) in print [at Carlson Health Sci Library W1 BA387]
Basal gangliav.1(2011)-none
Bioactive carbohydrates and dietary fibrev.1(2013)-none
Biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnologyv.1(2012)-none
Biocybernetics and biomedical engineering /Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineeringv.31(2011)-partial online:
2004-2013 at publisher site
Bioethics updatev.1(2015)-none
Biologically inspired cognitive architecturesv.1(2012)-none
Biomedicine & aging pathologyv.1(2011)-v.4(2014).none
Biomedicine & preventive nutritionv.1(2011)-v.4(2014).none
Bioscience hypothesesv.1(2008)-v.2(2009).none
Biosilico :information technology in drug discoveryv.1(2003).none
The British veterinary journalv.140(1984)-v.152:no.6(1996:Nov.).print:
v.105-152(1949-1996) in print [at Carlson Health Sci Library W1 BR845]
Canadian journal of diabetes2006-online:
2006-2018 at publisher site
Cancer epidemiologyv.33(2009)-none
Cancer treatment and research communicationsv.9(2016)-none
Cancer treatment communicationsv.1(2013)-v.8(2016).none
Cardiovascular revascularization medicine :including molecular interventionsv.6(2005)-none
The case managerv.6(1995)-v.17(2006).none
Case studies on transport policyv.1(2013)-none
The cell surfacev.1(2018)-none
Chemie der Erde :Beiträge zur chemischen Mineralogie, Petrographie und Geologiev.62(2002)-none
China particuologyv.1(2003)-v.5(2007).none
China population, resources and environmentv.17(2007)-v.18(2008).online:
1992- on Taylor & Francis
Chinese chemical letters =Zhongguo hua xue kuai baov.18(2007)-none
Chinese herbal medicinesv.4(2012)-none
Chinese journal of analytical chemistryv.34(2006)-none
Chinese journal of catalysisv.27(2006)-none
Chinese journal of chemical engineering2006-none
Chinese journal of natural medicinesv.6(2008)-none
Chinese journal of physicsv.54(2016)-none
CIRP journal of manufacturing science and technologyv.1(2008)-none
Cirugia españolav.85(2009)-none
Clinical acupuncture and oriental medicinev.1(1999)-v.4(2003).none
Clinical breast cancerv.1(2000)-none
Clinical colorectal cancerv.1(2001)-none
Clinical cornerstonev.1(1998)-v.9(2009).none
Clinical effectiveness in nursingv.1(1997)-v.9(2006).none
Clinical epidemiology and global healthv.1(2013)-none
Clinical genitourinary cancer[electronic resource]v.4:no.3(2005:Dec.)-partial online:
08/01/2009 to 10/01/2009 in Academic Search Complete
Clinical genitourinary cancerv.4:no.3(2005:Dec.)-v.7:no.1(2009:Jan.).none
Clinical leukemiav.1(2006)-v.3(2009).partial online:
08/01/2009 in CINAHL
Clinical lung cancerv.1(1999)-none
Clinical lymphomav.1(2000)-v.6:no.1(2005).none
Clinical lymphoma & myelomav.6(2005)-v.9(2009).none
Clinical lymphoma, myeloma & leukemiav.10(2010)-none
Clinical mass spectrometryv.1(2016)-partial online:
Open after 24 months on ScienceDirect
Clinical nutrition ESPENv.10(2015)-none
Clinical ovarian cancer and other gynecologic malignanciesv.1(2008)-v.4(2011).online:
06/01/2008 to 06/01/2011 in CINAHL
Clinical plasma medicinev.1(2013)-none
Clinical prostate cancerv.1(2002)-v.4(2005).none
Clinical queries, nephrologyv.1(2012)-none
Clinical simulation in nursingv.2(2006)-partial online:
2007- in ClinicalKey for Nursing
Clinical update /American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopyv.11:no.2(2003)-none
Clinics and research in hepatology and gastroenterologyv.35(2011)-none
Collegian :journal of the Royal College of Nursing, Australiav.2(1995)-partial online:
2007- in ClinicalKey for Nursing
Colloid and interface science communicationsv.1(2014)-none
Complementary therapies in clinical practicev.11(2005)-none
Complementary therapies in nursing & midwiferyv.1(1995)-v.10(2004).none
Composites engineeringv.5(1995).none
Composites manufacturingv.6(1995).none
Computational & theoretical chemistryv.963(2011)-none
Computational condensed matterv.1(2014)-none
Computational toxicologyv.1(2017)-none
Computer science reviewv.1(2007)-none
Cor et vasa :International journal of cardiologyv.54(2012)-partial online:
2012-2017 open on ScienceDirect
Current opinion in behavioral sciencesv.1(2015)-none
Current opinion in chemical engineeringv.1(2011)-none
Current opinion in environmental science & healthv.1(2018)-none
Current opinion in food sciencev.1(2015)-none
Current opinion in green and sustainable chemistryv.1(2016)-none
Current opinion in insect sciencev.1(2014)-none
Current opinion in psychologyv.1(2015)-none
Current opinion in toxicologyv.1(2016)-none
Current Research in Translational Medicinev.64(2016)-none
Currents in pharmacy teaching and learningv.1(2009)-none
CVD prevention and controlv.3:no.2(2008)-v.6(2011).none
Cytotherapy :official journal of the International Society for Hematotherapy and Graft Engineeringv.1(1999)-partial online:
1999-2010 at Taylor and Francis

01/01/1999 to 11/01/2012 on Academic Search Complete
Dendrochronologia /Istituto Italiano di Dendrocronologiav.20(2002)-none
Dental abstractsv.50(2005)-none
Diabetes & metabolic syndromev.1(2007)-none
Diagnostic and interventional imagingv.93(2012)-partial online:
Open after 12 months on ScienceDirect
Diagnostic histopathologyv.14(2008)-none
Digestive and liver disease.Supplementsv.1(2007)-v.5(2011).none
Digital applications in archaeology and cultural heritagev.1(2013)-none
Digital investigationv.1(2004)-none
Disability and health journalv.1(2008)-none
Disaster management & response :DMR : an official publication of the Emergency Nurses Associationv.1(2003)-v.5(2007).none
Discourse, context & mediav.1(2012)-none
Drug discovery today.Biosilicov.2(2004).none
Drug discovery today.Disease mechanismsv.1(2004)-v.10(2013).none
Drug discovery today.Disease modelsv.1(2004)-none
Drug discovery today.Targetsv.3:no.1(2004:Feb.)-v.3:no.3(2004:June).none
Drug discovery today.Technologiesv.1(2004)-none
Drug discovery today.Therapeutic strategiesv.1(2004)-v.10:no.1(2013:Spring).none
E-SPEN journalv.7(2012)-v.9(2014).none
E-SPEN, the European e-journal of clinical nutrition and metabolismv.1(2006)-v.6(2011).none
Earth science frontiersv.14(2007)-v.16(2009).none
EAU-EBU update seriesv.4(2006)-v.5(2007).none
EAU update series :official journal of the European Association of Urologyv.1(2003)-v.3(2005).none
Econometrics and Statisticsv.1(2017)-none
Economics of transportationv.1(2012)-none
Ecosystem servicesv.1(2012)-none
Electronic commerce research and applicationsv.1(2002)-none
Electronic notes in discrete mathematicsv.1(1999)-none
EMC.Kinésithérapiev.1:issue 1(2005:mars)-v.1:issue 4(2005:déc.).none
EMC.Maladies infectieusesv.1(2004)-v.2(2005).none
EMC.Odontologiev.1:issue 1(2005:mars)-v.1:issue 4(2005:déc.).none
EMC.Podologiev.1:issue 1(2005:mars)-v.1:issue 4(2005:déc.).none
EMC.Podologie-kinésithérapiev.1:issue 1(2004:févr.)-v.1:issue 4(2004:nov.).none
Emotion, space and societyv.1(2008)-none
Endocrinología, diabetes y nutriciónv.64(2017)-none
Endocrinologia y nutriciónv.58(2011)-v.63(2016).none
Energy procediav.1(2009)-online:
Open access at ScienceDirect
Energy research & social sciencev.1(2014)-none
Energy storage materialsv.1(2015)-none
Energy strategy reviewsv.1(2012)-partial online:
2019- open access at ScienceDirect
Enfermería Clínica (English Edition)v. 27(2017)-none
Entertainment computingv.1(2009)-none
Environmental developmentv.1(2012)-none
Environmental innovation and societal transitionsv.1(2011)-none
Environmental nanotechnology, monitoring & managementv.1-2(2014)-none
Environmental Technology & Innovationv.1-2(2014)-none
Ethics, medicine and public healthv.1(2015)-none
European annals of otorhinolaryngology, head and neck diseasesv.127(2010)-partial online:
2010-2017 open at ScienceDirect
European geriatric medicinev.1(2010)-none
European journal of control /EUCA, European Control Associationv.1(1995)-partial online:
2008 (Vol. 14, no. 1) - present in ProQuest Materials Science & Engineering Database
European journal of integrative medicinev.1(2008)-none
European journal of protistologyv.37(2001)-none
The European journal of psychiatryv.31(2017)-none
European journal of trauma & dissociation =Revue européenne du trauma et de la dissociationv.1(2017)-none
European research in telemedicine =La recherche europeenne en telemedecinev.1(2012)-none
European review of applied psychology =Revue européenne de psychologie appliquéev.54(2004)-none
Evidence-based healthcare & public healthv.8:no.5(2004:Oct.)-v.9:no.6(2005:Dec.).none
Experimental and toxicologic pathology :official journal of the Gesellschaft für Toxikologische Pathologiev.53(2001)-v.69(2017).none
Explore :the journal of science and healingv.1(2005)-partial online:
2007- in ClinicalKey for Nursing
The extractive industries and societyv.1(2014)-none
Extreme mechanics lettersv.1(2014)-none
Field mycology :a magazine for the study and identification of wild fungiv.1(2000)-none
Focus on catalystsv.1(2002)-none
Focus on pigments :an international newsletter monitoring technical and commercial developments in the pigments sectorv.1(2002)-none
Focus on polyvinyl chloride :an international newsletter monitoring commercial and technical aspects of PVCv.2002(2002).none
Focus on powder coatingsv.2002(2002)-none
Focus on surfactants :an international newsletter covering technical and commercial developments for all surface active agentsv.2002(2002)-none
Food and bioproducts processing :transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, Part Cv.74(1996)-partial online:

03/02/2007 to present on Academic Search Complete
; partial print: v.70-82(1992-2004) in print [at Shields Library TP368 .F585]
Food biosciencev.1(2013)-none
Food websv.1(2014)-none
The foundation years :the companion to Medicine for the foundation yearsv.1(2005)-v.5:no.2(2009:Mar.).none
Fuss & Sprunggelenk =German journal of foot and ankle surgeryv.1(2003)-none
Gastroentérologie clinique et biologiquev.28(2004)-v.34(2010).online:
1997-2010 at publisher site
Gender medicine :official journal of the Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine at Columbia Universityv.1(2004)-none
Gene reportsv.1(2015)-none
Geoderma regionalv.1(2014)-none
Geomechanics for energy and the environmentv.1(2015)-none
Geriatric mental health carev.1(2013)-v.3(2015).none
Global food securityv.1(2012)-none
Global heartv.6:no.4(2011)-none
Gynécologie, obstétrique, fertilité & sénologiev.45(2017)-none
Hand surgery and rehabilitationv.35(2016)-none
Handbooks in operations research and management sciencev.7(1995)-v.15(2007).none
Health outcomes research in medicinev.1(2010)-v.3(2012).none
Health policy and technology2012-none
Healthcare :the journal of delivery science and innovationv.1(2013)-none
Heart, lung & circulationv.9(2000)-partial online:
2000-2003 at Wiley
07/01/2000 to 10/02/2003 on Academic Search Complete
Hepatobiliary & pancreatic diseases international :HBPD INTv.10(2011)-partial online:
2002-Feb 2017 at publisher site
Home care providerv.1(1996)-v.6(2001).none
Hong Kong journal of nephrologyv.1(1999)-online:
1999-2016 open access on ScienceDirect. Transferred back to publisher, not clear if there are issues more recent then 2016.
International congress seriesno.1219(2001)-no.1304(2007).none
International economicsv.121(2010)-none
International emergency nursingv.16(2008)-online:
2008- in ClinicalKey for Nursing
International journal of child-computer interactionv.1(2013)-none
International journal of critical infrastructure protectionv.1(2008)-none
International journal of disaster risk reduction :IJDRRv.1(2012)-none
International journal of ecohydrology & hydrobiologyv.6(2006)-none
International journal of gastronomy and food sciencev.1(2012)-none
International journal of law, crime and justicev.36(2008)-none
The international journal of management educationv.10(2012)-partial online:
03/01/2009 to 10/01/2012 on Business Source Complete
International journal of marine energyv.1(2013)-none
International journal of medical microbiology supplementsv.293:no.35(2003)-v.293:no.38(2004).none
International journal of orthopaedic and trauma nursingv.14(2010)-online:
2010- in ClinicalKey for Nursing
International journal of osteopathic medicine :IJOMv.8(2005)-none
International journal of paleopathologyv.1(2011)-none
International journal of sediment researchv.23(2008)-none
International journal of surgeryv.2(2004)-partial online:
open after 24 months on ScienceDirect
International journal of transport managementv.1(2002)-v.2(2004).none
International journal of trauma nursingv.1(1995)-v.8(2002).none
International review of economics educationv.12(2013)-none
IRBM :ingenierie et recherche biomedicale = Biomedical engineering and researchv.28(2007)-none
IRBM newsv.28(2007)-none
ITBM RBM :Innovation et technologie en biologie et médecine, une revue de technologie biomédicale = Innovation and technology in biology and medicinev.21(2000)-v.27(2006).none
ITBM RBM newsv.21(2000)-v.27(2007).none
Journal de mycologie médicalev.15(2005)-none
Journal of accounting literaturev.31(2013)-none
Journal of anesthesia historyv.1(2015)-none
Journal of applied biomedicinev.8(2010)partial online:
2003-2013 at publisher site
06/01/2007 to 12/01/2013 on Academic Search Complete
Journal of applied research in memory and cognitionv.1(2012)-none
Journal of applied research on medicinal and aromatic plantsv.1(2014)-none
Journal of archaeological science :reportsv.1(2015)-none
Journal of arthroscopy and joint surgeryv.1(2014)-none
Journal of bionic engineeringv.3(2006)-none
Journal of bodywork and movement therapiesv.1(1996)-none
Journal of building engineeringv.1(2015)-none
Journal of Business Venturing Insightsv.1(2014)-none
Journal of cancer nursingv.1(1997).none
Journal of Cancer Policyv.1(2013)-none
Journal of cardiologyv.51(2008)-partial online:
Open after 12 months on ScienceDirect
Journal of cardiology casesv.1(2010)-partial online:
Open after 12 months on ScienceDirect
2010-2018 at PubMed Central
Journal of cardiothoracic-renal research :JCRRv.1:issue 1(2006:Mar.)-v.1:issue 2(2006:Sept.).none
Journal of cardiovascular computed tomographyv.1(2007)-none
The journal of China universities of posts and telecommunicationsv.13(2006)-none
Journal of China University of Mining & Technologyv.16(2006)-v.18(2008).none
Journal of chiropractic medicinev.1(2002)-partial online:
2002-June 2018 at PubMed Central
Journal of choice modellingv.1(2008)-partial online:
2008-2012 open at ScienceDirect
Journal of clinical and experimental hepatologyv.1(2011)-partial online:
2011-2017 at PubMed Central
2011-2018 at publisher site
Journal of clinical lipidologyv.1(2007)-none
Journal of clinical orthopaedics and traumav.1(2010)-partial online:
2012-Jan. 2018 at PubMed
Journal of Co-operative Organization and Managementv.1(2013)-none
Journal of CO₂ utilizationv.1(2013)-none
Journal of computational sciencev.1(2010)-none
Journal of contemporary accounting & economicsv.1(2005)-none
Journal of contextual behavioral sciencev.1(2012)-none
Journal of destination marketing & managementv.1(2012)-none
Journal of discrete algorithmsv.1(2003)-Current 48 months partial online:
open after 48 months on ScienceDirect
Journal of drug delivery science and technologyv.14(2004)-none
Journal of economic asymmetriesv.10(2013)-none
Journal of energy chemistryv.22(2013)-none
Journal of energy storagev.1(2015)-none
Journal of environmental chemical engineeringv.1(2013)-none
Journal of experimental and clinical medicinev.1(2009)-v.6(2014).none
Journal of experimental animal sciencev.40(1999)-v.43(2007).partial print:
v.34-43(1991-2005) in print [at Carlson Health Sci Library W1 JO474]
Journal of family business strategyv.1(2010)-none
Journal of financial stabilityv.1(2004)-none
Journal of forensic and legal medicinev.14(2007)-none
Journal of forensic radiology and imagingv.1(2013)-none
Journal of forest economicsv.8(2002)-none
Journal of fuel chemistry and technologyv.34(2006)-none
Journal of functional foodsv.1(2009)-none
Journal of geriatric oncologyv.1(2010)-none
Journal of global antimicrobial resistancev.1(2013)-none
Journal of gynecology obstetrics and human reproductionv.46(2017)-none
Journal of herbal medicinev.1(2011)-none
Journal of high energy astrophysicsv.1(2014)-partial online:
v.1-16 open on ScienceDirect
Journal of hospitality and tourism managementv.13(2006)-none
Journal of hospitality, leisure, sport & tourism education2012-none
Journal of hydro-environment researchv.1(2007)-none
Journal of hydrodynamics.Ser. Bv.18(2006)-none
Journal of Indian College of Cardiologyv.1(2011)-none
Journal of information security and applicationsv.18(2013)-none
Journal of informetricsv.1(2007)-none
Journal of integrative agriculture :JIAv.11(2012)-partial print:
v.11-13(2012-2014) in print [at Shields Library S19 .Z466]
Journal of integrative medicinev.11(2013)-none
Journal of interprofessional education & practicev.1(2015)-none
Journal of iron and steel research :internationalv.13(2006)-none
The journal of logical and algebraic methods in programmingv.83:no.2(2014:Mar.)-none
Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programmingv.83:no.2(2014:Mar.)-none
Journal of manufacturing processesv.1(1999)-partial online:
1999 (Vol. 1, no. 1) - 2007 (Vol. 9, no. 2) in ProQuest Materials Science & Engineering Database
Journal of manufacturing systemsv.14(1995)-partial online: 1993 (Vol. 12, no. 1) - 2006 (Vol. 25, no. 4) in ProQuest Materials Science & Engineering Database
Journal of materials science & technologyv.26(2010)-none
Journal of medical colleges of PLAv.22(2007)-none
Journal of natural gas chemistry /Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry, the Chinese Academy of Sciencesv.15(2006)-none
Journal of natural gas science and engineeringv.1(2009)-none
Journal of neonatal nursing :JNNv.11(2005)-partial online:
2007- in ClinicalKey for Nursing
Journal of neuroradiology.Journal de neuroradiologiev.31(2004)-partial online: Dec 1995 - May 2012 at publisher site
Journal of nutrition educationv.28(1996)-v.33:no.4(2001:Nov./Dec.).partial online: 01/01/2001 to 11/02/2005 in CINAHL
Journal of obsessive-compulsive and related disordersv.1(2012)-none
Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery, medicine, and pathologyv.24(2012).none
Journal of oral biology and craniofacial researchv.1(2011)-partial online: 2011-2018 at PubMed Central
Journal of oral biosciences /JAOB, Japanese Association for Oral Biologyv.46(2004)-none
Journal of orthopaedic nursingv.1(1997)-v.13(2009).none
Journal of orthopaedics10(2013)-online: 03/01/2013- in CINAHL
2013-2017 at PubMed Central
Journal of osteopathic medicine :JOMv.4(2001)-v.7(2004).none
Journal of outdoor recreation and tourismv.1(2013)-none
Journal of pediatric urologyv.1(2005)-none
Journal of prosthodontic researchv.53(2009)-none
Journal of purchasing and supply managementv.9(2003)-none
Journal of radiology nursing :official journal of the American Radiological Nurses Associationv.23(2004)-partial online:
2007- in ClinicalKey for Nursing
Journal of rail transport planning & managementv.1(2011)-none
Journal of rare earths /Chinese Society of Rare Earthsv.24(2006)-none
Journal of reproductive health and medicinev.1(2015)-none
Journal of social studies researchv.37(2013)-online: 10/15/2001- in EBSCO Education Source
The journal of space safety engineeringv.1(2014)-none
Journal of stomatology, oral and maxillofacial surgeryv.118(2017)-none
Journal of the American Society of Cytopathologyv.1(2012)-none
Journal of the American Society of Hypertension :JASHv.1(2007)-none
Journal of the Association for Vascular Access :JAVA : the official publication of the Association for Vascular Accessv.8(2003)-partial online: 2007-in ClinicalKey for Nursing
12/01/2007 to 06/01/2015 in CINAHL Complete
Journal of the Chinese Institute of Chemical Engineersv.38(2007)-v.39(2008).none
The journal of the economics of ageingv.1-2(2013)-none
Journal of the Energy Institutev.87(2014)-none
Journal of the Korean Statistical Societyv.37(2008)-none
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineersv.40(2009)-none
Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineersv.40(2009)-none
Journal of the World Federation of Orthodontists2012-none
Journal of Thermal Biologyv.39(2014)-online: v.1-38(1975-2013) on ScienceDirect
Journal of tissue viabilityv.17(2008)-none
Journal of trace elements in medicine and biology :organ of the Society for Minerals and Trace Elements (GMS)v.14(2000)-none
Journal of unconventional oil and gas resourcesv.1(2013)-none
Journal of vascular nursing :official publication of the Society for Peripheral Vascular Nursingv.15(1997)-partial online: 2007- in ClinicalKey for Nursing
Journal of vascular surgery.Venous and lymphatic disordersv.1(2013)-none
Journal of visceral surgeryv.147(2010)-none
Journal of water process engineeringv.1(2014)-none
Kinésithérapie, la revuev.6(2006)-none
Komplementäre und integrative Medizinv.49(2008)-v.50(2009).none
Krankenhaus-Hygiene + Infektionsverhütungv.29(2007)-none
Lasermedizin :Organ der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Lasermedizinv.13(1997)-v.15(2000).none
Learning, culture and social interactionv.1(2012)-none
Manufacturing lettersv.1(2013)-none
Materials todayv.1:no.2(1998)-none
Materials today.Chemistryv.1(2016)-none
Materials today communicationsv.1(2014)-none
Materials today energyv.1-2(2016)-none
Materials today physicsv.1(2017)-none
Materials Today :proceedingsv.1(2014)-none
Médecine nucléaire :imagerie fonctionelle et métaboliquev.31(2007)-none
Medical journal, Armed Forces Indiav.57(2001)-partial online:
1994-Jan 2018 at PubMed Central
2000-April 2015 at publisher site
Medical laser application :international journal for laser treatment and researchv.16(2001)-v.26(2011).none
Medical photonicsv.27(2015)-none
Medicina clínicav.144(2015)-none
Medicina intensivav.35(2011)-none
Mental health and physical activityv.1(2008)-none
Mental health & preventionv.1(2013)-none
Meta gene1(2013)-partial online:
2013-2016 at PubMed Central
Methods in oceanographyv.1(2012)-none
Mining science and technologyv.19(2009)-v.21(2011).none
Molecular astrophysicsv.1(2015)-none
Multiple sclerosis and related disordersv.1(2012)-none
Multiple sclerosis and related disordersv.1(2012)-none
Musculoskeletal science and practicev.27(2017)-none
Musculoskeletal science & practicev.27(2017)-none
The mycologistv.9(1995)-v.20(2006).partial online:
2002-2005 at Cambridge;
partial print:
1987;v.2(1988),v.8-18(1994-2004) in print [at Shields Library QK600 .M6]
Mycosciencev.36(1995)-partial online:
1994-2012 at Springer
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Sustainable cities and societyv.1(2011)-none
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