Library Collections: A Forum

UC funding model challenges and dynamic changes in campus research and curricular directions compel UC Libraries to review licensed electronic resources that carry ongoing subscription costs. Revenue expectations from publishers and data suppliers are not always aligned with campus budget realities. As a result, the UC Davis University Library carefully re-examines its business and financial options when acquiring or licensing content to support the campus research, teaching/learning, patient care, and community outreach efforts. We continue to use a consultative process involving key UC Davis stakeholders (e.g. Academic Senate library committees, faculty and student groups, and appropriate administrative units) as well as partner with the other UC Libraries to consult with major UC stakeholders (i.e. UC-wide Academic Senate's University Committee on Library and Scholarly Communication: UCOLASC; UC System-wide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee: SLASIAC; Council of University Librarians: CoUL). In addition, the UC Davis University Library strives to minimize as much as possible the overall increase in expenditures for library collections through cooperative efforts led by the UC California Digital Library's Collection Development & Management Program staff.

At UC Davis we invite you (faculty, students and staff), to identify licensed packages of ejournal titles, books, and databases that do not meet the expected critical needs of campus core academic and/or emerging programs. We encourage you to provide us with feedback about the addition or cancellation of content before the package renewal deadlines and final disposition decisions are made. See the CDL web site for a list of the current UC-wide licensed resources and select the entry, CDL Managed Resources (xls document), and for a list of journal titles included in each current UC-wide ejournals package.

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Update: FY13/14 Review of CDL Licensed Ejournal Packages

Review and Renewal Process for UC Licensed Resources

CDL Resources To Which the UC Davis University Library No Longer Subscribe

These are resources which UC Davis no longer accesses, but some other UC campuses may have access.

Future CDL Ejournal Renewals (as of November, 2013)

The renewal cycle for UC-wide licensed electronic journals varies based on the terms and conditions of the agreement. Some publishers are on an annual cycle while others are on multi-year agreements