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Update: Fiscal Year 2013/14 Review of CDL Licensed Resources

November 14, 2013

UC has access to a vast richness of electronic resources. Over the past decade, the California Digital Library, negotiating on behalf of the entire UC system and in close collaboration with key UC-wide stakeholders, has been successful in leveraging the resources of UC to achieve creative and precedent-setting license agreements. This shared approach has resulted in significant discounts for the UC Libraries and access to far more content than any one campus could license individually. Local campus faculty groups have regularly been consulted during the licensing process. For more information regarding the review and renewal process, consult the Review and Renewal Process for UC Licensed Resources.

During FY13/14, several ejournal packages were renewed with some content reduction in order to manage expenditures in the face of publisher cost increases. Eligible UC individuals may use the UC interlibrary loan system that provides timely access to library resources not purchased or licensed by the library. The UC libraries no longer have a UC-wide ejournal agreement with Taylor & Francis. Instead, each UC campus library will subscribe locally to the titles which best meet the research, teach/learning, and patient care needs of the individual campus.

Taylor & Francis Journals, an Informa plc business
After lengthy negotiations, representatives from Taylor & Francis and UC CDL staff agreed that revenue expectations and content composition were not aligned enough to craft an agreement. Beginning with 2013 subscription year UC Davis University Library will subscribe to 0 titles. For more information about the locally subscribed titles, see the Taylor & Francis web page or contact your librarian subject specialist.
Wiley Journals
Renewed UC-wide agreement to all titles (~1371 titles) from 2013 to 2015
Springer Journals
Renewed UC-wide agreement to all titles (~1289 titles) from 2013 to 2015
Nature Publishing Group Journals
No final decision. While negotiations are still in process, UC access is month to month with an agreement to pay accordingly once an agreement is finalized. See the latest update.
Informa Healthcare Journals, an Informa plc business
There is no UC license to Informa Healthcare Journals. UC Davis has local subscriptions to: Inhalation Toxicology, Medical Mycology, International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, Current Eye Research, and Current Medical Research & Opinion (in print only). See UC California Digital Library "Challenges to Licensing from Some Publishers."