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Nov 12, 2013

Starting with the 2013 calendar year, the UC Libraries no longer have a UC-wide agreement to the Taylor & Francis electronic journals. UC faculty, staff, and students will continue to have access to all titles that were within the UC Libraries Taylor & Francis package prior to 2013. For the 2013 year and into the future, the UC Davis University Library will subscribe to a subset of the total number of journals which Taylor & Francis offers. For those titles which the UC Davis Library no longer has access to, campus faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to use the library's Interlibrary Loan Service.

Below is a list of the 177 locally subscribed to titles. If a title which is critical to your research, teaching/learning, or patient care needs is missing, please contact your librarian subject specialist or submit a request. The publisher, Taylor & Francis, lists all the current journal titles that they offer on its website.

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Alphabetical List of Titles

Title Discipline
Acta Agri Scand A Animal SciBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica B - Plant Soil SciencesBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Acta Linguistica Hafniensia: InternationalArts & Humanities
Aerosol Science & TechnologyPhysical Sciences & Engineering
African Journal of HerpetologyBiological & Agricultural Sciences
African journal of marine scienceBiological & Agricultural Sciences
African Journal of Range & Forage ScienceBiological & Agricultural Sciences
AJOB NeuroscienceLife & Health Sciences
American Journal of BioethicsLife & Health Sciences
American Journal of Bioethics primary researchLife & Health Sciences
American statisticianPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical HumanitiesArts & Humanities
Animal BiotechnologyBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Annales de la Societe Entomologique de France Biological & Agricultural Sciences
AphasiologyLife & Health Sciences
Applied Developmental ScienceSocial Sciences
Aquatic InsectsBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Arboricultural Journal: The International Journal of Urban ForestryBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Archives of Animal NutritionBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Arid Land Research and ManagementBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Attachment & Human DevelopmentSocial Sciences
Australasian Journal of PhilosophyArts & Humanities
Australian ForestryBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Avian PathologyLife & Health Sciences
Behavioral medicineLife & Health Sciences
Bilingual Research JournalSocial Sciences
Bioacoustics - The International Journal of Animal Sound and its RecordingBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Biocontrol Science and TechnologyBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Biodemography and social biologySocial Sciences
Biotechnology and genetic engineering reviewsBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Bird Study PackBiological & Agricultural Sciences
British Poultry ScienceLife & Health Sciences
Canadian Journal of Plant PathologyBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Cartography and Geographic Information ScienceSocial Sciences
Child NeuropsychologySocial Sciences
Communication & critical/cultural studiesSocial Sciences
Communication EducationSocial Sciences
Communication Methods and MeasuresSocial Sciences
Communication MonographsSocial Sciences
Communication QuarterlySocial Sciences
Communication research reportsSocial Sciences
Communications in Soil Science & Plant AnalysisBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Contemporary BuddhismArts & Humanities
Contemporary music reviewArts & Humanities
Contemporary psychoanalysisSocial Sciences
Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and TechnologyPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Critical Reviews in Food Science and NutritionBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Critical Reviews in Plant SciencesBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Cultural StudiesSocial Sciences
Developmental NeuropsychologySocial Sciences
Drying TechnologyPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Economy and SocietySocial Sciences
Educational researchSocial Sciences
English StudiesArts & Humanities
English Studies in AfricaArts & Humanities
EnvironmentBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Environmental Education ResearchBiological & Agricultural Sciences
ErgonomicsPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Ethnic and Racial StudiesSocial Sciences
Ethology Ecology & EvolutionBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Eurasian geography and economicsSocial Sciences
European Romantic ReviewArts & Humanities
Fisheries (AFS pack including Fisheries)Biological & Agricultural Sciences
Fisheries InfobaseBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Food Reviews InternationalBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Gender and educationSocial Sciences
Gender, Place & Culture A Journal of Feminist GeographySocial Sciences
Howard Journal of CommunicationsSocial Sciences
Human and Ecological Risk AssessmentBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Human Dimensions of WildlifeBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Hydrological Sciences JournalPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Imago MundiArts & Humanities
Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of PhilosophySocial Sciences
International Journal of Bilingual Education and BilingualismSocial Sciences
International journal of environmental health researchLife & Health Sciences
International Journal of Food PropertiesBiological & Agricultural Sciences
International journal of forest engineeringBiological & Agricultural Sciences
International journal of fruit scienceBiological & Agricultural Sciences
International Journal of Pest ManagementBiological & Agricultural Sciences
International Journal of PhytoremediationPhysical Sciences & Engineering
International Journal of Remote SensingPhysical Sciences & Engineering
International journal of vegetable scienceBiological & Agricultural Sciences
International review of sociologySocial Sciences
Jewish quarterlySocial Sciences
Journal of agricultural and food informationBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Agricultural Education and ExtensionBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of agromedicineLife & Health Sciences
Journal of American college healthLife & Health Sciences
Journal of Applied Animal Welfare ScienceLife & Health Sciences
Journal of Applied Communication ResearchSocial Sciences
Journal of Aquatic Animal HealthBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic MediaSocial Sciences
Journal of Clinical and Experimental NeuropsychologyBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Cognition and DevelopmentSocial Sciences
Journal of Computational and Graphical StatisticsPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Journal of crop improvementBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Cultural EconomySocial Sciences
Journal of Environmental Science & Health Part ABiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Environmental Science & Health Part BBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Environmental Science & Health Part CBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Ethnic and Migration StudiesSocial Sciences
Journal of Freshwater EcologyBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of gender studiesSocial Sciences
Journal of health communicationLife & Health Sciences
Journal Of Herbs, Spices & Medicinal PlantsBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal Of HomosexualitySocial Sciences
Journal Of Hunger & Environmental NutritionLife & Health Sciences
Journal of Landscape ArchitectureSocial Sciences
Journal of Latinos and EducationSocial Sciences
Journal of motor behaviorBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Multilingual & Multicultural DevelopmentArts & Humanities
Journal of Peasant StudiesSocial Sciences
Journal of Plant InteractionsBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Plant NutritionBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Positive PsychologySocial Sciences
Journal of Sex ResearchSocial Sciences
Journal Of Sustainable AgricultureBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal Of Sustainable ForestryBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of the Air & Waste Management AssociationPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Journal of the American College of NutritionLife & Health Sciences
Journal of the American Statistical AssociationPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Journal of Toxicology & Environmental Health Part ALife & Health Sciences
Journal of Toxicology & Environmental Health Part BLife & Health Sciences
Journal of Wine ResearchBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Journal of Youth StudiesSocial Sciences
Lake and Reservoir ManagementBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Language and EducationSocial Sciences
Language Assessment QuarterlySocial Sciences
Language Learning and DevelopmentSocial Sciences
Law & LiteratureSocial Sciences
Lit: Literature Interpretation TheoryArts & Humanities
Local EnvironmentBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Marine biology researchBiological & Agricultural Sciences
MemorySocial Sciences
Molecular PhysicsPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Multivariate Behavioral ResearchSocial Sciences
Natural Product Research - Parts A &BPhysical Sciences & Engineering
NeurocaseLife & Health Sciences
New Zealand EntomologistBiological & Agricultural Sciences
New Zealand journal of botanyBiological & Agricultural Sciences
New Zealand journal of marine and freshwater researchBiological & Agricultural Sciences
New Zealand Veterinary JournalLife & Health Sciences
North American Journal of AquacultureBiological & Agricultural Sciences
North American Journal of Fisheries ManagementBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Nucleic AcidsBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Nutrition and CancerBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Oriental insectsBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Philosophical MagazinePhysical Sciences & Engineering
Philosophical Magazine: LettersPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Plant BiosystemsBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Political CommunicationSocial Sciences
Popular Music & SocietyArts & Humanities
Post Soviet affairsSocial Sciences
Qualitative Research Reports in Communication Social Sciences
Quarterly review of film and videoSocial Sciences
Race Ethnicity and EducationSocial Sciences
Reading & Writing QuarterlySocial Sciences
Remote sensing lettersPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport Life & Health Sciences
Reviews in fisheries scienceBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Ringing & MigrationBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Seventeenth Century Arts & Humanities
Sikh Formations: Religion, Culture, TheoryArts & Humanities
Souls: Critical Journal of Black Politics & CultureSocial Sciences
Southern Communication JournalArts & Humanities
Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary JournalPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Studies on Neotropical Fauna and EnvironmentBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Synthetic CommunicationsPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Teaching and learning in medicineLife & Health Sciences
Transactions of the American Fisheries SocietyBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Transport reviewsPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Tropical ZoologyBiological & Agricultural Sciences
Vehicle System DynamicsPhysical Sciences & Engineering
Veterinary quarterlyLife & Health Sciences
Women and criminal justiceSocial Sciences
Women's Studies: An Inter-Disciplinary JournalSocial Sciences
World leisure journalBiological & Agricultural Sciences