Books & Journal Collections In Transition

This web site introduces you to the dynamic and challenging nature of library acquisitions for books, journals, and databases. There are many factors which affect how the UC Davis University Library is able to acquire and to sustain collections which support the UC Davis research, teaching, learning, and patient care efforts. Examples of such factors include emerging economic models for scholarly communications, the UC Davis budget, and trends in scholarly publishing. The site is organized into several sections. Topics, such as what faculty can do, the economics of publishing, what the library does, and selected journal articles regarding scholarly publishing are found in the left navigation column.

The Library strives to acquire and to provide access to quality information sources by using a number of strategies. Reasonably priced, equitable, and seamless access to scholarly information is a library goal.

Contact your librarian subject specialists if you have questions or comments regarding the library's collections.

Page last updated April 22, 2013