Books & Journal Collections In Transition
Library Collections Strategies

  1. Maintain open communications with library users regarding issues of access to scholarly information and research results.

    • Use a variety of methods to increase faculty, staff, and student awareness of cost associated with acquiring information resources -- e.g., librarian subject specialist meets regularly with library representatives and other departmental members to share perspectives on the scholarly publishing dilemma.
  2. Support one format of an information resource whenever possible.

    • Prefer the electronic version of an information resource -- e.g., cancel print format for journals that have an electronic equivalent.
  3. Maintain unique content whenever possible.

    • Prefer one copy of a book or journal -- e.g., cancel duplicate copies of journals.
  4. Weigh uniqueness of information resource content and costs to use resource when considering purchase or license.

  5. Work collaboratively and cooperatively with the CDL and other UC campus libraries in acquiring information resources and promoting publishing options for UC individuals.

  6. Monitor and influence the future of scholarly publishing.

  7. Promote appropriate licensing practices for information resources.

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