Western Esotericism

The Emergence of a Field

The Association for the Study of Esotericism is holding its second North American Conference, Esotericism, Art and Imagination, hosted by Allison P. Coudert, UC Davis' Paul and Marie Castelfranco Professor of Religious Studies, from June 8-11, 2006, at the University of California, Davis. The conference will feature sessions on Esotericism in Visual Art and Image, Issues in Pre-modern Esotericism, Contemporary Currents, Esoterica in the Performing Arts, in Photography, Women in Esoterica, Esoteric themes in Poetry and Fiction, Metaphysics and the Imagination, Theurgy and the Cabbalah, Alchemy, Architecture, 19th and early 20th century figures and movements, perspectives from Far Eastern esotericism, and a number of others. For a preliminary conference program, see http://www.aseweb.org/ASE2006Schedule.htm.

The materials presented in this exhibit--primarily books from Shields Library general collection--illustrate the long-term development of this emerging interdiscipline (cases 1 through 6), and provide examples of the published works of a number of esoterica scholars scheduled to appear at the upcoming conference (cases 7 through 10).

For additional information about this exhibit, please contact Research Support Services, (530) 752-1126, researchservices@ucdavis.edu.

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