Delight in the Garden

Assembled by: Laurel Espell and Katherine Chambers

Gardening can be a passion or a necessity, intensely personal or a means to an end. Why do we garden? Perhaps it is the ultimate collaboration with nature, or a way to impose order over chaos. Certainly gardening is a creative endeavor that involves high art and artful engineering. It is a process that enriches and transforms the gardener also.

No one knows the names of the first gardeners, but for thousands of years women and men have designed, planted and nurtured their gardens. These gardens provide food, medicine and pleasure. They range in size from palatial formal gardens to the patio container. The numbers and varieties of garden plants increased as amateurs and professionals selected and hybridized for specific attributes and conditions such as flower color, plant height, and size of fruit. With so many choices, the gardener is limited only by imagination and the purpose and location of the garden.

The books selected from Shields Library for this display illustrate the variety, beauty and delight of gardens. Enjoy!

Nursery & Seed Catalog Collection

From: Nursery & Seed Catalog Collection (0-009), Special Collections, University of California, Davis

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