21st Century Life Sciences Technology/Biotechnology

Peter J. Shields Library — Lobby Display Cases
Winter 2010

Biotechnology is the use of living organisms (plant, animal, human or microbes) to engineer products that improve the quality of life on earth. This kind of technology has been in existence for thousands of years; plants have been cross-bred to improve crops, animals have been cross-bred to acquire better traits, and microorganisms have been used in fermenting foods such as bread, wine, yogurt and cheese. Now in the 21st Century, we face some serious global challenges that affect the survival of humans, animals, plants and all other life on our planet. Population growth; limited food, clean water and natural resources; environmental concerns; and health issues are all being addressed by scientists who are currently using biotechnology to solve these problems. This exhibit is intended to highlight some of these 21st century biotechnologies and how each of them has the capability to improve the quality of life on earth.

21st Century Biotechnology: Improving Our Quality of Life