The Many Faces of Latin American Cinema

Peter J. Shields Lobby — Lobby Display Case
Winter Quarter 2008

Moving images, technological developments introduced by French cinematographers showing scenes of European daily urban life, debuted in major Latin American capitols in 1896. From these early screenings rich and diverse cinematic movements and styles evolved in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Chile and other Latin American and Caribbean countries. The Many Faces of Latin American Cinema highlights three major aspects in the history of film throughout the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries of the Americas:

  • From the earliest period of cinematic experimentation and expression to the present, the Latin American Documentary has held a prominent position as film makers recorded the social and political events shaping their countries and cultures.
  • The Hollywood star system of the mid-twentieth century and its reliance on formulaic plots strongly influenced Latin American films produced during The Golden Age of Cinema.
  • Internationally acclaimed, Latin American Cinema Today treats universal issues and subjects that appeal to audiences regardless of country or nationality.

The Library invites you to visit the exhibit and view some of our holdings on Latin American cinema. A Selected Bibliography is accessible for more information about the subject.

During Winter Quarter the Library will host presentations by UC Davis faculty Sergio de la Mora, Robert Irwin, Ana Peluffo and Michael Lazarra who will speak on various aspects of Latin American film studies. The schedule of presentations will be posted at the exhibit and on the Library web site.

Library Latin American Cinema Exhibit Series Presentations

Shields Library – 2nd Floor Instruction Room
5:15 - 6:30 PM

Tuesday, February 26
  • Dr. Sergio de la Mora, UC Davis, Chicano Studies Department
    "Isela Vega: Una Mujer Descarada: Mexican Sexploitation Meets Art Cinema"
  • Dr. Michael Lazzara, UC Davis, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
    "Guzmán's Allende"
Wednesday, March 12
  • Dr. Robert McKee Irwin, UC Davis, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
    "Latin American Golden Age Film: Mexico's Role in Shaping a Hemispheric Consciousness"
  • Dr. Ana Peluffo, UC Davis, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
    "Gender and Ethnicity in Lucrecia Martel's La Ciénaga"

For additional information about the exhibit, please contact Myra Appel (530) 752‑2002,, or Roberto Delgadillo, (530) 752‑8266,, in the Shields Library Humanities, Social Sciences & Government Information Services Department.