Oliver Stone

Mondavi Speaker Series

Peter J. Shields Lobby
November 21, 2011 - February 6, 2012

The winner of three Academy Awards, two for directing and one for screenwriting, Oliver Stone is an acclaimed and often controversial filmmaker. His works, such as the films Born on the Fourth of July and JFK, aim to expose deceit and injustice in American history.

Coordinating with Stone's February 3 appearance in the series, this exhibit highlights some Stone's work.

Materials by and about Olivier Stone in the library's collections include:

Born on the Fourth of July
PN1997. B6866 2004 DVD

Heaven & Earth
PN1997. H412 2000 DVD

PN1997. P5738 2006 DVD

Nixon: an Oliver Stone film.
PN1997. N5234 O44 1995

PN1997. S1878 2003 DVD

Beaver, Frank Eugene. Oliver Stone: wakeup cinema.
PN1998. 3.S76 B43 1994

Hamburg, Eric. JFK, Nixon, Oliver Stone and me.
PN1998. 3.S76 H36 2002

Kagan, Norman. The cinema of Oliver Stone.
PN1998. 3.S76 K35 2000

Mackey-Kallis, Susan. Oliver Stone's America: dreaming the myth outward.
PN1998. 3.S76 M23 1996

Oliver Stone's USA: film, history, and controversy.
PN1998. 3.S76 O45 2000

Responses to Oliver Stone's Alexander.
PN1997. 2.A425 R47 2010

Riordan, James. Stone: the controversies, excesses, and exploits of a radical filmmaker.
PN1998. 3.S76 R56 1995

Singer, Michael. The making of Oliver Stone's Heaven and Earth.
PN1997. H4123 S56 1993

Stone, Oliver. Interviews.
PN1998. 3.S76 A5 2001

Stone, Oliver. Midnight express: screenplay.
PN1997. M4383 S76. A5 1977a

Stone, Oliver.
Oliver Stone's Platoon & Salvador.
PN1997. P518 1987