Re-Imagining Shields: Part 2

Peter J. Shields Library
Summer 2012

Design Student Proposals for a New North Entry and Renovated Courtyard

This past Winter, Professor Mark Kessler charged the students in Design 180A with the redesign of portions of the Shields Library. In his words:

"Quad and library together constitute the heart of the American campus. The juxtaposition, going back to Jefferson at Charlottesville, symbolizes the interdependency of public assembly, free speech, education and knowledge. Through a series of missteps in design, the library and quad of UC Davis are adjacent but unresponsive to one another. With an entrance facing west, Shields Library turns its back to the quad. At the same time, the courtyard-obscured by the lobby stair--fails to fulfill its potential as a destination.

Students in the UC Davis Department of Design developed these proposals as a corrective intervention.The proposals call for a new north facing entrance that welcomes visitors directly from the quad. Repurposing the 24-hour reading room as a generous lobby, a new entry sequence unfolds, the dramatic conclusion of which is a newly renovated courtyard . . . .

. . . The exhibit affords us the opportunity to critically examine existing conditions and imagine new possibilities. All of us involved in this experimental studio hope that this exhibit generates a dialog among members of the UC Davis community concerning the design of our campus."

Mark Kessler
Department of Design

The results of this assignment are on display. Come see how this talented group of students imagined a redesigned Peter J. Shields and let us know what you think. Send questions or comments to:

Daniel Goldstein
Arts and Humanities Librarian
University Library, UC Davis

Poster from the Re-imagining Shields Library exhibit