About the Libraries
UCD Library Timeline

1908 Library is established in one room of the Creamery Building.
1913 Margaret Mayberry becomes Librarian.
1915 Classroom Building completed. Library occupies two rooms.
1916 Agnes Elizabeth Brown becomes Librarian.
1922 Dorothy Deming becomes Librarian.
1924 Library holds 1,840 volumes.
Nelle U. Branch becomes Librarian.
1925 Formal arrangement for the ordering of books on approval is established.
Periodicals room is opened.
Reserve book system is set up.
1926 Library cataloging changes from Dewey to Library of Congress call numbers.
1938 Classroom Building condemned. Library occupies five rooms. Students form human chain to move the collection to temporary quarters in the recreation building behind West Hall.
1940 New library/administration building is completed (current north wing).
1943 U.S. Army Signal Corps takes over the campus.
1948 First commencement ceremonies on the Davis campus held in the Library courtyard (Sunken Garden).
1950 Veterinary holdings transferred from UC Berkeley to Davis.
1951 J. Richard Blanchard becomes Librarian.
Microforms are made available.
Agricultural Economics Library is established.
1955 New stack addition built.
1956 Veterinary Medicine Library is made a branch of the library system.
1957 Library course in bibliographic research offered.
Food Technology holdings are transferred from UC Berkeley to Davis.
1958 C.K. Ogden Library is purchased: Davis' share includes a second folio of Shakespeare.
Air conditioning is installed in the main library.
1959 F. Hal Higgins Library of Agricultural Technology is acquired.
1961 200,000th book - Lowie's Selected Papers in Anthropology by DuBois - is acquired.
1964 Library's east wing is added.
Government Documents Department is established.
1965 Rare books are transferred from Loan Desk to Reference Department.
Library Associates formed.
1966 400,000th book - Principia Philosophiae by Descartes - is acquired.
University Archives is established.
Veterinary Medicine Library becomes Health Sciences Library with founding of School of Medicine.
Special Collections Department (rare books, archives, and the Higgins collection) is created.
Serials Department is formed.
Collection Development Department is established.
1967 Library's south wing is added.
500,000th book - Illustrations to the Bible by William Blake - is acquired.
1969 Library becomes a member of the Association of Research Libraries.
1970 750,000th book - Compendius Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster - is acquired.
Medical Center Library is established at UC Davis Medical Center.
1971 New Physical Sciences Library built.
1972 University Library named for Judge Peter J. Shields.
Remote Searching of Medline database is operational in Health Sciences Library.
1973 Library begins formal participation in the Mountain Valley Library System.
Library's first oral history is completed by Ben Madson.
1974 1,000,000th book - Emil Mrak's oral history - is acquired.
1974 Bernard Kreissman becomes University Librarian.
1975 Library holds 1.2 million volumes.
1976 Automated circulation system is installed.
Library holds 1.4 million volumes.
1977 University of California Library Plan is presented.
New Health Sciences Library is opened.
Automated cataloging of new materials begins.
1978 Library holds 1.5 million volumes.
1979 Biological/Agricultural Sciences Reference Department is established.
Acquisition of Gary Snyder's papers begins.
1980 UC Davis becomes a member of the Research Libraries Group.
1981 Michael and Margaret B. Harrison Western Research Center becomes part of the University Library.
Conservation and Preservation Department created.
1983 MELVYL, the on-line catalog, is made available for public use.
1984 Northern Regional Library Facility opens.
  William F. McCoy becomes acting University Librarian.
Health Sciences Library is named for Loren D. Carlson.
1985 Marilyn J. Sharrow becomes University Librarian.
1986 2,000,000th book - L'agriculture et maison rustique by Charles Estienne - is acquired.
1987 Endowment creates the Margaret B. Harrison Preservation Department.
1988 Ground-breaking ceremonies are held for west wing of Peter J. Shields Library.
Automated acquisitions system is installed.
1990 Library's west wing opens.
1999 Library Instruction Lab built for hands-on teaching of electronic catalog and databases.
2001 Wireless access to library collection available in Shields Library.
2003 UC Davis ranks in the top third of the more than 120 academic and research libraries in North America.