Meet the University Librarian

Photo of MacKenzie Smith, University Librarian

MacKenzie Smith has been the University Librarian at UC Davis since June, 2012 and is responsible for all aspects of the Library’s operations, including the Shields Library, the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library, the Carlson Health Sciences Library and the Blaisdell Medical Library in Sacramento. The UC Davis Library is one of the 100 top research university libraries in the U.S. with significant collections in all subjects. The Library’s highly regarded research services support the faculty and students of the university, as well as the health care professionals of the UC Davis Health Systems and the citizens of California. She is now overseeing the Library’s move to integrate digital resources and information technology at the highest level to serve the academic community of the 21st Century.

Smith has been an academic research librarian since 1985, specializing in information technology and digital knowledge management. Originally from Seattle, she attended the University of Washington before moving to the Midwest to attend graduate school at the University of Chicago. She spent the following decades on the East Coast, at the libraries of Harvard University and MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her time at Harvard and MIT coincided with the emergence of the Internet and she played a leading role in helping those universities to adapt their libraries, research and teaching programs to the emerging technological landscape. Most recently, as Research Director for the MIT Libraries she led cutting-edge research projects in digital libraries and archives; Web applications for online scholarly communication; and digital data curation in support of e-science. She also led the development of the DSpace open source software platform for digital archives, now used by hundreds of universities world-wide and managed by a non-profit organization based in Cambridge.

Smith consults widely in the library field, most recently for the Association of Research Libraries to design and lead a new E-Science Institute, helping research libraries to develop strategic plans to support digital research data curation. As a research fellow for the Creative Commons organization, she has worked extensively on intellectual property policy for scientific research data and on advocacy for Open Access to scholarly journals and other research products. She is committed to advanced teaching, learning and research through better use of technology and to transforming libraries to support 21st Century universities.