Photography/Filming in the Library

All requests to photograph or film in the library are directed to the Library Administrative Office (530-752-2110). Individuals or members of the media wanting to take still or moving photographs in the library must receive permission from a library administrator.

Request forms [PDF | MS Word] must be completed for each project. The completed request is submitted to Library Administration. A library administrator will meet with the requester prior to approving the request and confirm the requester's willingness to work within limits set by the library:

  • UC Davis Principles of Community ( must be followed
  • Patrons must not be disturbed or asked to move
  • No close photography or filming of users without their express consent
  • Library operations must not be interrupted
  • Any props brought in must be removed immediately after filming
  • Any furniture moved during the project must be restored to its original location

The approved request must be carried by members of the project while filming. If any disturbance is caused, any library employee, or the security guard, may ask project participants to cease filming/photography immediately.

UC Davis University Communications ( should be contacted as a courtesy whenever we receive a request from a non-UC entity.