Welcome to the UC Davis University Library!

Research libraries have an eternal mission: to provide you with access to all recorded knowledge and to be the stewards of the cultural and scholarly record for the benefit of future scholars. The success of the UC Davis community of students and researchers depends on its library, on our collections and our expert librarians and archivists, so that we truly are the university's academic hub, advancing research, education and innovation in a networked world.

Libraries play a vital and unique role in preserving the best aspects of academic institutions and democratic societies, helping insure that you can be the best possible scholar and citizen. Great research is so often constrained by limitations to knowledge about or access to prior research, you are very fortunate to have the UC Davis Library and the shared library resources of the University of California system at your back.

UC Davis is a special place, with a strong sense of community and a real commitment to diversity and interdisciplinary research. Libraries have that diversity and interdisciplinarity as one of our core values and guiding principles, and we bring together the entire community in unique and valuable ways. We also have an opportunity in this digital age to promote the rare, valuable but all too often obscure jewels of history and scholarship by digitizing and publishing them online in formats that can be enjoyed by future generations of scholars. We particularly do this for the UC Davis research community as another way to showcase what makes this university great.

It's true that advances in technology and the Internet have turned every aspect of scholarly communication on its head – every "content industry" from big city newspapers to the most esoteric scholarly journal – and libraries are no exception. The forces of change we are experiencing are dramatic and revolutionary and we love it. This is the most exciting time for libraries since Johannes Gutenberg was alive.

So I hope you will take advantage of your library and join us in this revolution. We have a new Strategic Plan that promises to modernize the Library and make it even more central and relevant to this university while preserving what has historically been best about it. We will add new forms of scholarship to our collections like invaluable public research data, software archives, and interactive digital publications. We will take our wonderful experts out of the buildings and into the streets and onto the Web. We will underpin new efforts in online education, scholarly publishing, and data informatics. And most of all, we will endeavor to make sure that you always have whatever scholarship you need access to, at any time and wherever you are.

MacKenzie Smith
University Librarian
UC Davis University Library