How Do I Find... ?

  1. Articles on a Topic
  2. A Specific Article

Articles on a Topic

  1. Use an article database. The easiest way to pick a database is via the library's Subject Guides.
  2. Subject Guides. Match your topic with one or more of the Subject Guides, arranged by academic discipline or subject area.
  3. Select a database to search. Enter your terms, search, and review your results.
  4. Full text or print format? Some databases contain full text articles that can be printed, or in some cases, emailed or saved. Others do not contain the articles themselves, only information about the articles (the citation).
  5. Does UC Davis have the journal? Look for image to figure out if UC Davis owns the journal or has electronic access. If the article is not available electronically, note the journal title or source, volume, issue, and article pages, then select the Harvest UC Davis Library Catalog link. What is UC-eLinks?
  6. Find it! Your results may include more than one journal title. Match the title with the Source information at the top of the UC-eLinks window, then click on the appropriate journal title. Now, choose the Availability/All items link to determine if the library has the volume you need. If the volume is available, note the call number to find the journal in the library. Use the Interlibrary Loan request form if the library does not have the correct volume.

A Specific Article

(I have a citation that includes the journal title, volume, issue, and pages)

  1. Use the Harvest UC Davis Catalog. Access Harvest via the Library's home page,
  2. Select Browse.
  3. Search by journal title. Select Index to browse: Journal/serial title begins and enter the journal name in the search box.
  4. Does UC Davis have the journal... If the library owns the journal or has electronic access, it will appear in your results. Select the appropriate journal title. Note: The Year field indicates when the journal started, and does not necessarily match library holdings. Use the Interlibrary Loan request form if the journal is not available.

    ...In print format? Choose the Availability / All items link. Volumes will be listed on the lower part of the page. Match the volume from your article citation with the library holdings information. Copy down the call number to find the journal in the library. Use the volume, issue, and page information from your citation to track down your specific article.

    ...In electronic format? You will see an Online link with volume and date ranges. Follow the link to locate your article on the provider's website. Select the PDF version to print.

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