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MySearchSpace is Live after 9 am on Tuesday, Sept 27

MySearchSpace ( (formerly the Harvest Portal)

The Library is migrating the Harvest Portal to MySearchSpace ( MySearchSpace provides easy access to the University Library's databases and electronic journals.

MySearchSpace offers ways to find and use electronic resources relevant to one's area of interest and to search simultaneously across a range of diverse resources including catalogs, article databases, digital repositories, or subject-based Web gateways. The interface accommodates varying levels of expertise, enabling both novice users and experts to retrieve and manage information.

MySearchSpace provides tools to save database search results for future reference in a personalized eShelf, to Bibliographic Management software such as EndNote, to disk, or send them by email. MySearchSpace links directly from the database search results to the full electronic text of journal articles where available using UC-eLinks.

QuickSearch is a new feature of MySearchSpace that allows searching for information in a pre-defined set of databases. Users can create and search their own QuickSearch sets as well by logging into their accounts.

MySearchSpace allows one to create custom lists of databases and E-Journals. When creating categories of databases using the eShelf feature, these new database groups appear on one's customized QuickSearch page.

For more information on MySearchSpace, contact one of the Librarian Subject Specialists.

Published: April 21, 2006


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