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One Day in the Life of the UCD Libraries

The UC Davis libraries participated in a one day "snapshot" of libraries in California. Sponsored by the California Library Association, Snapshot Day was held on October 6, 2010. What did we see? Students, faculty and staff love to use the library.

  • 8,511 people walked into our five libraries: Shields Library, Physical Sciences & Engineering Library, Carlson Health Sciences Library, Blaisdell Medical Library and the Agricultural and Resources Economics Library.
  • 13,583 visited our website.
  • 372 reference questions were answered at reference desks.
  • 149 questions were answering by email, telephone or text.
  • 2,323 books and serials were checked out.
  • 53 people attended workshops and tours.

A big thank you for all of the participants: Dawn Collings, Kathy Stroud, Fatima Lopez, Lee Riggs, Lara Stilling, Becky Moore-Poe, Dale Snapp, Christine Jones, Claudia Whitfield, Bonnie Hain-Anderson, Paul Zindel, Sylvia Villa, Axel Borg, Karl Kocher, Jason Newborn, Amy Kautzman and Patsy Inouye (coordinator).

Published: November 9, 2010


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