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Study Zones are now available at Shields Library

By popular demand and in close consultation with the Graduate Student Association, the Student Library Advisory Committee, and ASUCD, Shields Library has set up study space in the library by zones:

  • Green Zones will be group discussion space
  • Yellow Zones will be quiet discussion space
  • Red Zones will be silent study space

On each floor the west end of the building will be designated a quiet discussion space and the east end of the building will be designated a silent space. The main reading room and consultation desk areas will be designated as quiet discussion spaces ("quiet" infers "academic production space"). The entire first floor and the west end of the Lower Level will be designated a group study zone. Group study rooms continue to be available to groups of students working together. Please be respectful of the silent zones outside these rooms. Select the area that best meets your study needs.

Silent Study (red), Quiet Study (yellow), Group Study (green).

Published: October 7, 2013


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