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Farewell to Old Melvyl

Effective August 1, 2003, the old version of the Melvyl ® Catalog ceases to exist. In order to take advantage of recent technological enhancements, electronic information formats, and develop new services, the California Digital Library adopted new software for the catalog of the holdings of the UC libraries. A new version of Melvyl, named Melvyl-T, co-existed with the old Melvyl for more than a year, to acquaint users with its new features during a transition period. On August 1,2003, the transitional Melvyl-T becomes, simply, Melvyl.

The new Melvyl allows you to save search results and strategies across sessions, and to create current awareness Updates. The new Melvyl includes a Telnet version with basic functionalities to accommodate Telnet users.

For assistance with the learning the features of the new Melvyl, please contact one of our reference librarians, or consult the Getting Started with the Melvyl Catalog guides, which include a Telnet guide as well as brief and advanced user guides.

Published: July 1, 2003


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