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New VPN Access

Easy Off-Campus Access to Licensed Library Resources

The Library provides easy, single sign-on access to licensed library resources from any location with an Internet connection. The new access method uses Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology.

The VPN access option eliminates the need to change web browser settings, uses a single id and password (campus Kerberos), and enhances security. Authorized UC Davis individuals only need an Internet connection, campus login ID and Kerberos password to use VPN. VPN access is the preferred access mode for the library's licensed resources. However, the library's current proxy server access method remains operational and will continue as long as it is needed. A comparison of features of VPN and proxy server methods is presented in the table below.

VPN Proxy Server
Uses single login id process Requires two login id processes
Works with any standard web browser configuration Requires adding special proxy settings to use
No changes to a web browser configuration needed for on-campus access Requires browser reconfiguration when the special proxy settings interfere with on-campus access
Works from any location with an Internet connection Some locations do not allow proxy server access
Encrypts information, such as login Ids and web site content moving between the user and the resource accessed Does not encrypt information
May check remote workstation for security level, such as anti-virus protection currency Cannot check for security levels, such as anti-virus protection

For more information about VPN:

For technical support please submit a Technical Support Request

For personal assistance contact a librarian subject specialist.

Published: August 27, 2007


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