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Improved VPN (connecting to Library from off-campus)

The University Library has improved the VPN tools that allow current UC Davis students, faculty, and staff access to our licensed resources from off campus!

The three Connection options are:

VPN Client
Network Connect for Windows/Mac allows our patrons to download the VPN client to their computer. It allows for a consistent connection to Library resources. We expect this tool will be very popular with our super-users who tend to have multiple browser tabs open at once.
Junos Pulse for iOS/Android - Use this app to log into the UC Davis network using either wifi or your telecommunication provider's services. Junos Pulse is free and may be downloaded from ITunes or from Android app providers. You may have network charges from your telecommunication provider, depending on your service plan.
This is the lightweight tool we've offered for years. WebVPN does not require the installation of any client software. This makes it ideal for use on public computers or for users who cannot install software on the computer at hand. Known issues: we have found some sites do not work with WebVPN. See the Known Issues FAQ for the list of those sites and workarounds.
Proxy Server
This is our oldest option and should be used if the VPN does not work for you. Our goal is that the VPN Client will remove the need for the Proxy Server. We will explore that possibility over the academic year.

VPN Login Page

VPN Help

Published: September 19, 2013


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