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This Guide focuses on resources for the science of textiles and clothing. For resources on Clothing and Fashion, including markting and design, see the Fashion and Clothing Guide []

Librarian Subject Specialists

Cory Craig — (530) 752‑0347 — Research Support Services
Chemisty of textile fibers, synthetic textiles
Daniel Goldstein — (530) 752‑2040 — Research Support Services
Design of textiles
Ruth Gustafson — (530) 752‑1883 — Research Support Services
Animal products, natural fibers such as wool
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Subject Specific Databases

Clothing and Textile Arts [CD-ROM]
A guide to the behavioral, historic and artistic periodical literature dealing with clothing and the textile arts. This version contains over 25,000 citations published in over 2300 serial titles since 1970. See also the print index in H/SS Reference at call number TT507.C61.
Coverage: 1970-1993
Location: H/SS/GIS Reference
DAAI (Design and Applied Arts Index) [via Proquest] ( [Restricted] VPN
DAAI indexes more than 500 design and craft journals and newspapers. It also includes two directories--one is a directory of academic design and craft programs in colleges and universities, the other is a directory of design and craft journals.
Coverage: 1973-present

General Databases

CAB Abstracts [via Ovid] ( [Restricted] VPN

NOTE: default UCD Search Type set to Advanced Ovid Search. Citations and abstracts to the international agricultural literature, including veterinary medicine, human and animal nutrition, forestry, rural development, as well as other related topics such as tourism and human ecology. Covers over 11,000 journals & conference proceedings and selected books in agriculture. Produced by CAB (Commonwealth Agricultural Bureaux) International (CABI) with more than 9.0 million records as of 10/27/10.

HISTORICAL SCOPE: Archive abstracts added in August 2005 go back to 1910 with 1,860,000 additional records.

CAB DATABASE PDFs: As of January 2009, hard-to-find literature may be available as CAB Database PDFs (so noted *below* the UC-eLinks button). Currently, ONLY Internet Explorer (PC platform) or Safari/Google Chrome (Mac platform) loads these PDFs. These CABI Full Text items give users automatic access to over 187,000 (as of March 2013) journal articles, conference papers and reports - 80% of which are not available electronically anywhere else.

Coverage: 1910-present [Archives added for 1910-1971]
Engineered Materials Abstracts [via CSA Illumina] - Note: This database has been canceled due to budget reductions, low use, and duplicative content. For similar information please use INSPEC or SciFinder Scholar.
Search for information regarding the research, manufacturing practices, properties and applications of polymers, ceramics, and composites in a variety of structural and other advanced applications.
Coverage: 1986-present
SciFinder [Registration Required] ( [Restricted] VPN
SciFinder is the most comprehensive bibliographic database for scholarly research in the field of chemistry. It contains over 29 million citations and indexes over 10,000 journals, covering all aspects of chemistry, including chemical aspects of: biology and life sciences, engineering and materials science, food science, geology, medicine, physics, and polymer science. SciFinder also allows searching of chemical substances, chemical reactions, and includes some property data and spectra. It is the online version of Chemical Abstracts. Includes Cited Reference Searching: 1996 - present.
Coverage: 1907-present (with selected pre-1907 material)
Location: SciFinder Scholar can only be used by UC students, faculty and staff. Registration is required (see below)
Conference Papers Index [via Proquest] ( [Restricted] VPN
Major areas of coverage include agriculture, biochemistry, chemistry, chemical engineering, forestry, biology, environmental science, soil science, biotechnology, and clinical medicine.
Coverage: 1982-present
Encyclopedia of Aesthetics [Oxford University Press] ( [Restricted] VPN
Part of Oxford Art Online, this encyclopedia surveys critical thought on art, culture, and society, including major concepts, thinkers, and debates about the meaning, uses, and value of all the arts -- from painting and sculpture to literature, music, theater, dance, television, film, and popular culture. Because it is included in Oxford Art Online, it can be searched alone when individually selected or in conjunction with the other reference works in the collection.
WorldCat [via FirstSearch/OCLC] ( [Restricted] VPN
OCLC catalog of millions of records for books, journal titles and materials in other formats from approximately 12,000 libraries worldwide.
Coverage: 1000 A.D.-present
ArchiveGrid [via OCLC] ( [Restricted] VPN
ArchiveGrid is a database designed specifically for locating archival collections held in libraries, museums and other institutions. It combines all the archival records in WorldCat with others pulled from various archivesÂ’ Web sites. Included are all of the item records added to the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC) after 1987, as well as many records from earlier years. (NUCMC includes records added before 1987, especially of smaller archives, that are not found in ArchiveGrid.)

Full-Text Resources

Current Protocols Series ( [Restricted] VPN
Covers over 20,000 updated, peer-reviewed protocols. UC CDL/UCD Library subscribes to THIRTEEN major laboratory methods and protocols series including the classic comprehensive work "Current Protocols in Molecular Biology" with other titles being CP in: Bioinformatics; Cell Biology; Cytometry; Human Genetics; Immunology; Microbiology; Mouse Biology; Neuroscience; Nucleic Acid Chemistry; Protein Science; Pharmacology; and Toxicology. Includes basic, alternate, and support protocols with literature cited and information on suppliers for standard materials and preparation information for reagents and solutions. IMPORTANT NOTE: UC Davis does *NOT* license the following FIVE protocol titles: "Chemical Biology", "Essential Laboratory Techniques", "Magnetic Resonance Imaging", "Plant Biology" (new as of May 2016 with very little content) and "Stem Cell Biology".
Coverage: Updated quarterly or more frequently
WorldImages [San Jose State University] (
WorldImages "contains almost 50,000 images, is global in coverage and includes all areas of visual imagery. WorldImages is accessible anywhere and its images can be freely used for non-profit educational purposes. The images can be located using many search techniques, and for convenience they are organized into some 440 portfolios."
ARTstor ( [Restricted] VPN
ARTStor is a library of digital images, associated information, and software tools designed to enhance teaching, learning and scholarship. It contains a searchable database of more than 500,000 digital images, covers many time periods and cultures, and documents the fields of architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, and design, as well as many other forms of visual culture.
  • ARTstor
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  • If you would like to join a UCD community of ARTstor users to share discoveries and help solve problems, please join our ARTstor Users Group on Smartsite.

Guides to Electronic, Print, and Other Resources

Fashion, Costume, and Textiles Subject Guide [via UC Davis Library] (
This pathfinder provides information on reference books, internet resources, suggested subject headings, and related library subject guides available from Shields Library.

Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

Dictionary of Scientific Biography (complete) [via Gale Virtual Reference Library] ( [Restricted] VPN
This classic encyclopedia covering scientists from all time periods and all fields of science has been completely revised. This "complete" online version includes all the entries from both the new (2008) edition and the original edition.


A more detailed guide to fashion and clothing, including historical clothing.
Fashion and Clothing Guide (