Translational Research Tools & Services Offered by the Library

This page is designed to serve individuals associated with the UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center (

If you have questions or require help using any of the tools on this page, please contact the Library ( Spending 30 minutes with a librarian can save you hours of work.

Locate Researchers at UC Davis

The methods described here to locate information about researchers at UC Davis are rudimentary. They will be improved over time as the library refines them and obtains access to new tools that enable extraction of more precise information.

PubMed (
Use this link ( to run a general search in PubMed on all publications by UC Davis researchers. You can then combine this search retrieval with subject searches in the PubMed History to locate researchers working in specific areas.
Web of Science (
Use the General Search option in Web of Science and enter Univ Calif Davis into the Address search box along with a subject in the Topic search box. Then use the Analyze tool in Web of Science to identify the most common Davis authors on publications in the subject area searched.
Enter University of California Davis in the Institution line of the RePORTER Query Form and subject terms in the Enter Search Terms box, to retrieve a list of funded research programs at UC Davis. (
Use the Focused Search option to search by Facility or Location.

Identify Animal Disease Models (

The Center for Animal Alternatives Information ( provides guides and tutorials to searching and access to databases covering animal disease models.

Create Research Literature Alerts

PubMed allows you to create automatic email alerts using My NCBI ( There are also options to create RSS feeds for newly published research articles.
Web of Science
Web of Science provides automatic email alert service through its Search History feature ( There are also options to create RSS feeds for newly published research.

Manage the Published Literature

Can be used to manage a personal library of citations retrieved in PubMed, Web of Science and other citation databases.

Find a Librarian Subject Expert (

Librarians can help you:

  • Learn how to efficiently use library databases.
  • Perform a comprehensive literature review.
  • Find journal articles, conference proceedings, technical reports.
  • Find new research or patient care findings in your field.
  • Manage the published literature and other information.