Computer Use Policies

Use of library computers is governed by the UC Davis Computer Use Policies, the UC Davis Principles of Community, UC policies on licensing and copyright, and the following UC Davis Library computer use policies. Library computers are made available on a priority basis to UC faculty, staff, and students for university research and instruction. Use of these resources by unaffiliated users is permissible if not in conflict with priority uses.

Library computers may not be used to participate in games, chat sessions, or any other activity not directly related to university and library research and instruction.

Use is limited to twenty minutes when others are waiting for access. Electronic resources available through the UC Davis libraries are licensed by the university for noncommercial use by UC faculty, staff, students and on-site users, for educational or research purposes only. Additional restrictions may apply to on-site users of certain databases. The terms and conditions of the UC and UC Davis agreements with the vendors and publishers of these electronic resources regulate the use of these resources. These conditions include, but are not limited to, restrictions on copying, republishing, altering, redistributing, and reselling the information contained therein. Fee-for-service providers may not copy and resell texts from licensed sources to non-subscribing individuals, institutions or organizations.

For detailed terms and conditions governing the use of a particular electronic resource, use the library's E-mail Reference Service form to submit your query specifying the electronic resource and your affiliation with UC Davis.

Failure to comply with the terms of this policy may result in forfeiture of access to the library.

University of California, Davis
University Library
Library Policy Statement
September 18, 2008