Special Problems
ISP-Branded Browsers: AOL


The AOL browser is used to connect to the AOL service but it can't be configured to use the campus proxy service.

(The proxy server setting in the AOL browser is intended to facilitate the use of AOL services on non-AOL networks and not the use of other services from the AOL network.)


Read these instructions carefully all the way to the end before attempting to follow them.

  • Make the following one-time (set and forget) changes before attempting to use the proxy service.
  • Install Firefox. After installing Firefox, return to How to Set Up Connection and follow the setup instructions.
  • We do not recommend trying to use Netscape or Internet Explorer because they may recognize the availability of the AOL cache server and attempt to use it. (AOL distributes its own customized version of Internet Explorer.)
Recommended Browsing Procedure:

You should connect to AOL using your AOL browser as you normally do. You can continue to use the AOL browser to take advantage of AOL's service enhancements, but you have to use two browsers simultaneously to gain access to UC licensed electronic resources. You can mimimize the AOL browser while you are online with AOL, but you should restore it as the active window at intervals so that AOL will not assume that your connection is no longer active and disconnect you. With the second browser, you should connect to the Library's Connect from Off Campus page and log in to the proxy service using the authenticate now button button. After logging into the proxy service you will be able to access licensed resources with the second browser; your AOL browser will remain unable to access the licensed resources.