How to Set Up Connection - Step A. Set Your Browser to Use the Proxy Service
Internet Explorer (Windows, DSL): One Procedure

  1. Click the button labeled "LAN settings" (Local Area Network Settings). Windows screenshot - showing clicking the button labeled LAN settings
  2. Check the checkbox labeled "Use automatic configuration script". Windows screenshot - showing the box to check labeled use automatic configuration script
  3. Enter the following URL into the field labeled "Automatic Proxy Configuration URL":

    WARNING: Avoid common mistakes.

    • When using Copy and Paste to enter the URL, be sure there is NO space in front of the http://
    • Do not omit the http:// in the URL. It is necessary.
    Windows screenshot - showing a complete URL entered into the appropriate field
  4. Remove checkmarks from "Automatically detect settings" (if checked) and click the button labeled "OK". Windows screenshot - showing how to deselect the automatically detecet settings option

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