How to Set Up Connection - Step A.Set Your Browser to Use the Proxy Service
Mozilla or Netscape (Macintosh, OS X)

Mozilla and Netscape differ only in the heading which appears to the left of the "File" menu on the menu bar. Mentally making the substitution of "Netscape" for "Mozilla", you can use these illustrations as appropriate for both browsers.

  1. Select "Preferences" from the "Edit" menu of the browser toolbar. screenshot - showing how to select preferences from the Edit menu
  2. Expand the category labeled "Advanced" by clicking on the arrow ( screenshot - showing how to expand the advanced category ) or plus ( + ) sign to the left of "Advanced." screenshot - showing the expanded advanced category
  3. Click once on the label "Proxies" to select the "Proxies Pane." screenshot - showing clicking Proxies to select Proxies Pane
  4. Click on the radio button labeled "Automatic Proxy Configuration URL." screenshot - showing clicking the radio button for Automatic Proxy Configuration URL
  5. Enter the following URL into the field labeled "Automatic Proxy Configuration URL":

    WARNING: Avoid common mistakes.

    • When using Copy and Paste to enter the URL, be sure there is NO space in front of the http://
    • Do not omit the http:// in the URL. It is necessary.
    screenshot - showing a complete URL entered into the appropriate field
  6. Click the button labeled "Reload." screenshot - showing clicking the reload button
  7. Click the button labeled "OK." screenshot - showing clicking the OK button

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