Copying & Printing

  • The black and white multifunction machines can print and photocopy. One color machine located in the Shields Library can copy, print, and scan.
  • All UC Davis individuals and others will need Repro Graphics copy/print/scan cards.
  • UC Davis students may use their UCD Photo IDs (Registration Cards) to pay for printing, copying and scanning.
  • No cash will be accepted by the machines. Only cards: Repro Graphics or UC student registration card.

Map of the copier/printer/scanners at Shields Library

Black & White and Color Printer/Copier

Shields Library
  • First floor: 1 b&w and 1 color near Information Desk, 3 b&w and 1 color across from Reserves Services Desk
  • Lower level: microfiche/microfilm printers
Physical Sciences & Engineering Library
  • First floor: 1 b&w
  • Second floor: 1 b&w
Carlson Health Sciences Library
  • Upper level: 1 b&w and 1 color near Circulation Desk
Blaisdell Medical Library
  • First floor: 2 color

Double-sided printing

All copy/print machines can generate double-sided prints or copies.


Microfiche/microfilm reader/printer/scanners are available on the lower level of Shields Library. Micro readers are available at Shields Library, Physical Sciences & Engineering Library and Carlson Health Sciences Library.

Map copying

Maps may be copied or scanned and printed if approved by Maps Collection staff. Two 11x17 color copiers/scanners are available on the first floor of Shields (near the Information Desk and across from Reserves Services). There is no copier in the library that can copy a full-size map sheet. The maps collection is non-circulating. For more information, or to arrange a special loan of a map, contact the map collection staff (

How much do copies, prints, and scans cost?

  • Black & white prints or copies: $.10/impression, $.20/impression for 11x17
  • Double sided prints or copies are charged as two impressions
  • Scans (black & white or color): $.05/scan
  • Microformats: $.10/impression.
  • Color prints or copies: $.25/impression, $.50/impression for 11x17

How can I pay for copies and prints?

Use the Repro Graphics card (copy/print/scan card)

Repro Graphics cards must be purchased for the copy/print machines. These cards will be accepted at all library copiers/printers/scanner machines.

Repro Graphics cards may be purchased from the dispensers found in each library. Minimum card purchase is $1.00 for a new card. New cards carry a $.50 fee with the remaining value available to use for copying, printing, or scanning.

Each Repro Graphics card has a unique number, which is used to list print jobs and can be used to retrieve card value if the card is lost (see below).

UC Davis Students

Current students may use their Student IDs (Registration Cards) to pay for printing, copying and scanning.

Usage will be tracked on the student account and billing will occur at the end of each academic quarter. There will be a minimum charge of $5.00 per billing but if actual usage is less than $5.00 the difference will be carried over to the next billing period as a credit. If you are printing/copying/scanning less than 50 impressions a quarter, you may want to purchase a Repro Graphics card.

UC Davis Departments and commercial vendors

To obtain a Repro Graphics card using a departmental recharge account, or purchase a Repro Graphics card for vendors, contact Repro Graphics directly (contact information at end of page).

Adding value to Repro Graphics copy/print/scan cards

Use the card dispensers to add value by inserting $1, $5, $10, or $20 bills.

IET Computer Room Printing:

Printing in the IET computer rooms (90A, 90B 163 and 182 Shields) costs 11 cents per sheet (single or double sided). A Kerberos username & ID are required for login, and prints are tracked automatically. See IET: Printing in the Computer Rooms (

How do I print?

General Instructions

1. Send your document to a printer

Select the document or webpage you wish to print, and click on File > Print in the browser window.

2. A popup window will appear asking for "ID"

Enter the number on your Repro Graphics card in the "user name" (ID) space (no password needed).

3. Go to any library copier/printer/scanner

Swipe Repro Graphics card through the card reader. Your list of print jobs will automatically appear by URL address or print job name, entered by you.

Select the jobs you would like to release (print) at that machine.

Printer User Guides

Wireless Printing Instructions for Repro Graphics Printers

Wireless printing is available through the campus printing service. Repro Graphics campus printing requires the use of one of the following:

  • Student ID card
  • Department copy card
  • Purchased copy card from the libraries

Online Printing

  1. Go to (
  2. Click the PRINT button located under the "Online Printing" heading.
  3. Enter the card ID number that is located on the print card. (or your student ID number or departmental copy card number)
  4. Choose a printer — select the ucdavis-black printer option for black & white printing in campus libraries.
  5. Click on Details to view paper size and price. Current price is $0.10 for single sided and $0.20 for double sided printing.
  6. Select your document and options:
    • Document from your laptop or computer – browse to locate document
    • Web Page – type in the url
    • Select the number of copies
    • Page range
    • Press Continue
  7. Check print options for paper size, duplex and orientation
  8. Continue to submit job
  9. Job begins approval. Once it is approved, the total cost of the job will display. Click Submit Job to Printer or Cancel. Note the Job ID number to retrieve the job.
  10. Go to any multifunction printer and print using your copy card.
  11. Click the Log Out button toward the bottom of the screen to go back to the Wireless Printing homepage.
  12. The print job will be held overnight in the print queue and then will be deleted.

These Online Printing instructions work for most file formats. In most cases web pages protected by a log-in cannot be printed using the Online Printing button.

  • To print one of these pages, save the page as an html file on your computer.
  • To print an email message or email attachment save it as a file on your computer. Then select the file using the Browse button.
  • Library workstations do not support downloading files to the hard drive.

Windows users can print emails, and other files directly from their computer if they install the Print Driver following the instructions under Using a Print Driver ( Apple products are not supported.

Troubleshooting? Tips and hints? Supported Files? Using a Print Driver? Find detailed instructions on the Campus Printing Help ( site.

Other questions

What if I lose my Repro Graphics card?
Report the ID number of the missing card to Repro Graphics (see below). The missing card will be inactivated and remaining funds will be transferred to a new account. There is a transaction fee of $5.00 for this service.
There's a problem with the copy/print/scan or other machines
Inquire at a library public service desk about problems with the copy/print/scan machines, card dispensers, or bill change machines. Requests for account adjustments due to machine or dispenser errors can be made from Repro Graphics Re-Value Request ( page.
How am I charged if I use my student ID card?
Active students may now use their student ID card much like a debit card to access prints/copies and scans on public use copiers in the libraries. The student ID card will access the copy machines the same way purchased cards without funding the account to start printing/copying or scanning.
Usage will be tracked on the student account and billing will occur at the end of each academic quarter. There will be a minimum charge of $5.00 per billing but if actual usage is less than $5.00 the difference will be carried over to the next billing period as a credit.
What can I legally copy?
See Information about Copyright & Intellectual Property.
For other questions contact:
Repro Graphics
3820 Chiles Road
Davis, CA 95618
(530) 754-2127 (