What to Know About Course Reserves

Course Reserves maximizes access to high use items and minimizes the materials that must be student-purchased each quarter. The library’s Course Reserves system manages Course Reserves from within Canvas. Instructors, and others with permission within Canvas, may place required and recommended readings on Course Reserves for use by themselves and students enrolled in their course. Books, media, articles, and more may all be placed onto Course Reserves. Login to Canvas to begin or update your Reading List.

For questions, please contact library staff at coursereserves@ucdavis.edu or check our instructional information online.


The “Send List” button is not consistently appearing in Canvas when creating a Course Reserves reading list. If you do not see this button, you may select the “Send List” option on the “… [Reading List options]” drop-down menu. If that isn’t working, please email coursereserves@ucdavis.edu and staff will manually pull the reading list into the Course Reserves processing queue. This issue has been reported and will hopefully be resolved soon.

Course Reserves are housed at either Shields Library, the Carlson Health Sciences Library, or the Blaisdell Medical Library.  Instructors, and others with permission within Canvas, may place readings on Course Reserves for use during the current academic term. Books, media, articles, and more may all be placed onto Course Reserves. Login to Canvas and go to your Courses to create a new Reading List or update an existing list.

Placement of materials onto Course Reserves is not automatic.  Instructors or authorized users must submit lists for each quarter in order for materials to be placed onto Course Reserves.

Items needed for courses beginning with the following course codes will be housed at the Reserves collection indicated below; all other Course Reserves items will be housed at Shields Library:

Carlson Health Sciences Library

APC | MPM | PHR | PMI 200 series | PTXSPH | VET | VMB | VME | VSR

Blaisdell Medical Library

ANE | BCM | CAR | CHA | DER | EMR | ENM | FAP | GAS | GMD | HON | HPH | ISI | IMD | MDS | MHI 200 series | MMI 300-400 series | NEP | NEU | NRS | NSU | OBG | OPT | OSU | OTO | PED | PHA | PMD | PMR | PSU | PSY | PUL | RAL | RDI | RNU | RON | SUR | URO

Reserves Lists will be processed in the order received. Booklists may take up to three weeks to process due to peak workload constraints, delays in retrieving loaned materials, or purchasing new material. To ensure Course Reserves materials are available to students by the beginning of classes, booklists should be received by:

  • the last Friday of August for Fall Quarter
  • the last Friday of November for Winter Quarter
  • the last Friday of February for Spring Quarter
  • the last Friday of May for Summer Session

Deadlines for the professional schools may be earlier, depending upon the start date of their terms.

Instructors may place copies of personally- or departmentally-owned materials on Course Reserves. These items may be added manually and tags are provided within the Course Reserves system to indicate when personal copies will be provided. The last name of the owner or owning department should be written on the inside front cover of all personal copies.

Personal copies must be picked up within one month of the end of the term otherwise these will be treated as donations to the library. The library does not store materials for future quarters.

The UC Davis Library must abide by all U.S. copyright laws and campus policies.

If the library does not own the requested material, a collection development librarian will review the requested material for possible purchase. However, the library cannot guarantee that items will be purchased or a date by which they will be available for use. Therefore, it is important to submit requests for un-owned material as early as possible so that items may be available for the start of the term. Users will be notified if the requested material will not be purchased.

If personal copies of the un-owned material will be submitted, the title will not be forwarded for purchase consideration.

The default loan period for written materials is Two-Hours. The default loan period for media is Four-Hours. For both, an extended loan period of One-Day is available; Tags are provided within the Course Reserves system to indicate when an extended loan period is preferred. However, if the same material is on Course Reserves for multiple courses, the shorter loan period will apply to all copies of that title.

Instructors who have submitted a reading list may borrow material off of that reading list for up to two weeks for classroom prep and use.