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SubjectLibrarianPhone Email
Aerospace EngineeringMelinda Livas(530) 752‑
African American & African StudiesDavid Michalski(530) 752‑
Agricultural and Resource EconomicsAdam Siegel(530) 754‑
American Studies ProgramDavid Michalski(530) 752‑
Animal ScienceRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑
AnthropologyDavid Michalski(530) 752‑
Art and Art HistoryDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑
Asian American StudiesDavid Michalski(530) 752‑
Astronomy and AstrophysicsResearch Support Services(530)
Atmospheric ScienceAlesia McManus
(530) 752‑4485
Automotive EngineeringMelinda Livas(530) 752‑
Avian SciencesRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑
Biological and Agricultural EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑
Biomedical EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑
Bodega Marine LaboratoryMolly
California National Primate Research CenterErik Fausak(530)
Center for Healthcare Policy and ResearchBruce Abbott(916) 734-3529
Chemical EngineeringCory Craig(530) 752‑
ChemistryCory Craig(530) 752‑
Chicana/o StudiesRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑
Cinema and Digital Media ProgramRoberto Delgadillo(530)752‑
Civil and Environmental EngineeringResearch Support Services(530)
Classics Program Adam Siegel(530) 754‑
Clinical & Translational Science CenterAmy Studer(916) 734‑
CommunicationDavid Michalski(530)
Community and Regional DevelopmentDavid Michalski(530) 752‑
Comparative LiteratureAdam Siegel(530) 754‑
Computer ScienceMelinda Livas(530) 752‑
Cultural StudiesDavid Michalski(530) 752‑
DesignDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑
Earth and Planetary SciencesResearch Support Services(530)
East Asian Languages and CulturesDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑
East Asian Studies ProgramDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑
EconomicsAdam Siegel(530)
Education, School ofMelissa Browne(530) 754‑
Electrical & Computer EngineeringResearch Support Services(530)
English Language and LiteratureRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑
Entomology and NematologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑
Environmental Science and PolicyAlesia McManus(530) 752‑4485
Environmental ToxicologyAlesia McManus(530) 752‑4485
Evolution and EcologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑
Food Science & TechnologyAxel Borg(530) 752‑
Forensic ScienceAlesia McManus
(530) 752‑4485
(530) 752-3058
French & Italian Language and LiteratureAdam Siegel(530) 754‑
Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies ProgramDavid Michalski(530) 752‑
GeographyDavid Michalski(530) 752‑
German & Russian Language and LiteratureAdam Siegel(530) 754‑
Health Informatics (School of Medicine) Nicole Capdarest-Arest(916)
Hemispheric Institute of the AmericasRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑
HistoryDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑
Human Development & Family StudiesDavid Michalski(530) 752‑
Hydrologic SciencesAlesia McManus
Amy Bush
(530) 752‑4485
(530) 752-3058
Institute of Transportation StudiesMelinda Livas(530) 752‑
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)Megan Van Noord(530)
International NutritionAxel Borg(530) 752‑
Jewish Studies ProgramDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑
Land, Air & Water ResourcesAlesia McManus
(530) 752‑4485
Landscape Architecture and Environmental DesignDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑
LinguisticsAdam Siegel(530) 754‑
Management, Graduate School ofAdam Siegel(530)
Materials ScienceCory Craig(530) 752‑
MathematicsMelinda Livas(530) 752‑
Mechanical & Aerospace EngineeringMelinda Livas(530) 752‑
Medicine, School of (Academic Departments - Davis campus)Megan Van Noord(530)
Medicine, School of (Clinical Departments - Sacramento campus)Amy Studer(916) 734‑
Medieval and Early Modern Studies ProgramDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑
Microbiology and Molecular GeneticsAxel Borg(530) 752‑
Middle East/South Asia Studies Program (ME/SA)Adam Siegel(530) 754‑
Military ScienceRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑
Molecular and Cellular BiologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑
MusicRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑
Native American StudiesRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑
Neurobiology, Physiology and BehaviorRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑
Nursing, School ofBruce Abbott(916) 734‑
NutritionAxel Borg(530) 752‑
Performance StudiesAdam Siegel(530) 754‑
PhilosophyRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑
Physical Education ProgramMatthew Conner(530) 754‑
PhysicsResearch Support Services(530)
Plant BiologyLeyla Cabugos(530) 752‑
Plant PathologyLeyla Cabugos(530) 752‑
Plant SciencesLeyla Cabugos(530) 752‑
Political ScienceRoberto Delgadillo(530)752‑
PsychologyMelissa Browne(530) 754‑
Public Health SciencesMegan Van Noord(530)
Religious StudiesRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑
Science, GeneralMelissa Browne(530) 754‑
Science and Technology Studies ProgramDaniel Goldstein(530) 752‑
SociologyDavid Michalski(530) 752‑
Soils & BiogeochemistryLeyla Cabugos(530) 752‑
Spanish & Portuguese Literature and LanguagesRoberto Delgadillo(530) 752‑
StatisticsMelinda Livas(530) 752‑
Textiles and ClothingDavid Michalski(530) 752‑
Theater & DanceAdam Siegel(530) 754‑
Transportation StudiesMelinda Livas(530) 752‑
University Writing Program (UWP)Matthew Conner(530) 754‑
Veterinary Medicine, School ofErik Fausak(530) 752-6204
Viticulture & EnologyAxel Borg(530) 752‑
Wildlife, Fish and Conservation BiologyRuth Gustafson(530) 752‑